The fashion scene in Brooklyn is highly underrated and I really want to take some time out to talk about how fab it really is. Sure Manhattan has always had that Glitz and glamour about it but it’s nearly not as interesting as Brooklyn’s finest. Sex and the City ain’t got nothin on this.

Firstly let’s applaud the fact Brooklyn is one of the most diverse cities in America with people of colors , traditions and backgrounds proudly embracing their fashion in bold and beautiful ways. A Melting pot for many cultures, like the city itself. Since 2010, the population of Brooklyn was estimated by the Census Bureau to have increased 3.5% to 2,592,149 as of 2013, representing 30.8% of New York City’s population. 

45.Jen Mankins

You will find some of the most stylish people in Brooklyn, maybe not in the Manhattan way but in its own Unique and quirky way. It all started. When it comes to fashion, every Kings County resident knows there’s one rule: break all the rules. While outrageous styles can be seen across the borough, you’ll notice that the coolest people are dressed like your dad.

If you want to look truly trendy, break out your oldest sneakers, roomy jeans, and baggy t-shirt, put on a baseball cap with an actual team logo on it, throw on a windbreaker, and hit the streets. You’re guaranteed to turn heads because in Brooklyn, nothing says, “Look at me!” like, “There’s nothing to see here!”

Who’s watched Spike Lee’s ‘Do The right thing’ and ‘Crooklyn’ …they’re classics with the classic Brooklyn Fashion. Oscar-winning designer Ruth Carter’s most iconic costumes will reveal a lot about how Men and Women in Brooklyn love to dress. Looking back through her work, it’s pretty clear that the Carter’s award was long overdue. Since 1988, when she landed her first gig as head costume designer for legendary director Spike Lee’s classic film School Daze, the designer has been an unstoppable force who, through fashion, has skilfully portrayed past, present, and futuristic visions of black American life.

Brooklyn fashion

Together with Lee, one of her long term collaborators, Carter has shown the world what a hot summer day in Brooklyn looks like in Do The Right Thing (1989) and the type of powder blue zoot suit Malcolm X wore as a young Harlem street hustler (1992). Those 80s skirt suits and glittering gowns worn by Angela Bassett in her role as Tina Turner in What’s Love Got To Do With It (1993)? You have Carter to thank for those, too.

On one of the hottest days of summer, Lee’s character Mookie takes viewers around Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn to show off the best and the worst of the sweltering neighborhood. Because of the temperature, Carter outfitted most of the youthful cast in the colourful casual tank tops, sports jerseys, and athletic shorts worn by many Brooklyn residents at the time.

Main character Mookie sported an all-white Jackie Robinson Dodgers jersey, a nod to the once Brooklyn-based baseball team and MLB’s legendary first black player, with biker shorts and an African pendant medallion. One of the most memorable costume elements were Radio Raheem’s matching “Love” and “Hate” gold nameplate rings. Just like the people of Brooklyn, the Fashion is just as gorgeous and real.

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Some say the 90s are back, but in Brooklyn, they never went away. If you want to make a splash this summer, channel your mom and strap a little bag around your waist. One internet search will show you fanny packs are all the rage and are even being rebranded as “bum bags”. Most of the trends I’ve listed are seasonal, but this one’s timeless.

Nothing says, “I live in Brooklyn” like a bizarre haircut. I recently saw one super stylish man in Prospect Park sporting a shaved head and one single long dread sprouting out of the back left side of his head like a rattail. SWOON. If you’re struggling to come up with creative ideas, imagine what hairstyle your grandparents would hate most on you, then do that. Here are some interesting looks people in Brooklyn love to Rock any time of the year!.

 Park slope Hipsters

Top knots and baggy jackets with long skirts and dungarees.

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The Bay Ridge Babe 

Sneakers with Tracks and long comfy jackets. Casual, effortless and fresh.


Dapper and Dope

Lots of Gold accessories, jeans and crazy funky hairdos. Go big or go home!

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Arty and Confident 

Expensive sweaters, long coats, stilettos and compliment it with a nice purse.

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Fearless Afro spunk

Sporty, casual paired with bold makeup and hair.

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Bad Bitch Energy

Big Hoop earrings, tube tops and baseball caps. 

Hennessy and hip hop 

Oversized Tees, Fanny packs and bucket hats. Tank tops and camo pants for women.

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If you’re in Brooklyn you’ll definitely spot some of these amazing looks, and if you’re up to it definitely try them out.