The interesting thing about Fashion is the Creativity and self expression that goes into it. Everyone’s personal style comes from somewhere, it could be through their music taste, their traditions, things they like or even the kind of Art they’re into. Art differs via cultures and traditions across the world. My blog on Etro’s fashion covers a lot of detail on how the brand took bits and pieces of artwork, fabrics and prints from different cultures to create their own clothing line. My previous blog on how Culture inspires Fashion, I stress on the different elements such as ads, bottle cap art and stickers you can take inspiration from for your own personal style.

Let’s specifically discuss ‘Art’ because art is so vast and so rich – an array of different colors, shapes, patterns and lines. Different kinds of art can be explored and researched into further to embrace through fashion, especially Art that specifically speaks to you.

Rahul Basu’s Art, bold dark lines and strong Bengali symbolism immediately grabs your attention, just as his outfit does. I see a close resemblance African and Willam Kenyridges charcoal illustrations. There’s a sense of minimalism along with boldness we see in his Art as well as the prints on his shirt.

Rahul is not afraid to explore the depth of his roots and culture that leads you to the underbelly of Bengal and all things laid back ( Just as Bengalis are).  His more loose fitted clothes with hints of vintage rustic give you a sense of Bengal’s laid back and more Bohemian approach to life and he pulls off this unique look with so much flair!.

Although his boldly patterned outfits may grab most of your attention at first, he is also comfortable in minimalist clothing along with simple stripes or boxer checks. In a room full of Bright, he still stands the brightest flaunting his dynamic personality and stylish accessories. Who said you can pull stripes and checks in one outfit?, to all the Fashion gurus, here’s a slap in your face. Like I said Personality is above all when it comes to fashion.

Rahul Basu

At first glance you may not notice this but the bold lines in his drawings whether it be horizontal checkers or vertical lines are quite apparent in his clothing and so are the color tones- with beiges, browns, blacks, whites and lots of Neutrals.

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You can check out more of Rahul’s artwork on his website-  His artwork is powerful and speaks volumes about his cultural background.  Oftentimes our taste derives from what inspires us, and most of Rahul’s artwork is set around India and especially his hometown ’Bengal’. When I think of Bengal, being from Bengal myself… I think of old beautiful houses, crows, Rickshaws, trees and nature as well as the color Black. 

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The truth is, Bengal is the city of joy very well represented by the color ‘Black’ that absorbs the most and takes little bits of everything and everyone around it. Calcutta is a melting Pot, it is warm and friendly and opens doors for all. People here are not afraid to break social norms, taboos and embrace their artistic side. Rahul does the same through his looks that are constantly evolving through the years.

A little bit of Bengal and a little bit of western fused together makes a solid statement, Rahul does this with far more subtlety than other contemporary Indian fashion stars. These are the kind of people one must seek inspiration from- Bold, experimental and always stylish. Rahul Basu is someone you can’t compete with because he is an original mind with original taste.

The first thing I tell all my readers is – take inspiration from the little thing you know and are exposed to and use them in your style, this sets you apart from everyone else out there. Rahul Basu is a great example and is worthy of a massive shoutout.

Implementing tiny details like shapes, colors and feeling you are drawn to in the way you choose to dress automatically makes you fashionable because you put thought and effort into your personal style. There is no such thing as bad fashion and I resent the idea of having rules put on Fashion. People like Rahul break and trample over such rules and you should too. There is no confining when you are the one defining.

Rahul Basu