Extravagant clothes can mean expensive clothes or just clothes that have a sense of royalty and richness. Not everyone can afford expensive outfits but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to fashionable extravagant clothes.

As a man, you may like bold clothes, expensive looking clothes or even something that sets you apart from the rest. Well…you’re already on the right track, because you care about looking good and consciously styling yourself the rest is all about making extravagant clothes your own- fitting right into it and doing so with complete flare and confidence. Don’t sweat it, there are ways you can pull off extravagant clothes without looking like a musical theatre character.

Extravagant men

A king is confident and is in his masculinity, so if you want to dress like one you better be one. Once you get past the notion that ’men aren’t supposed to dress a certain way’ you’ll grow to love certain aspects of Fashion and you’ll find so many more options to explore. Don’t be a guy with a fragile masculinity, try to be open to colors, textures and prints. Colors like GOLD, PINK and RED are colors that look rich and authentic at the same time. Every Fashionable man knows that colors and clothes don’t define your masculinity, if it were the case they’d be a whole lot of dull looking guys.

Your masculinity 

When you think of colors and textures that may strike you as extravagant – you may think GOLDS, REDS, DEEP PURPLE, SILKS, VELVET, SATIN and even COTTON at times. These are colors you can’t go wrong with if you’re trying to look like someone with expensive taste. In my previous blog ’how to make your clothes look expensive’ I discuss the different ways you can level up your appearance with a few simple tricks. However that was mainly for Women and indefinitely a joke!. 

But on a serious Note artists like Prince and David Bowie were never afraid to explore their feminine side and were undoubtedly the boldest men of their time, Nonetheless these men were Gay. That in no way should not put you off because plenty of straight men like Bruno Mars, Harry Styles and Johnny Depp etc dress like kings. There’s a reason why the Androgenous look is in right now.

Stop worrying about what other people think or that your outfit may look a tad bit feminine. It’s not your outfit, it’s how you wear it, always remember that.

SHEIN, ZARA, JADED LONDON, SHAWNMEN, BOOHOO are stores where you can buy extravagant Men’s outfits on a budget. Do check them out!


Whether it’s casualwear or formalwear, indulge in a bit of colour. “Most men are unjustly scared of it – they’re intimidated by anything that isn’t navy or grey,” says menswear designer Oliver Spencer. “But colour can be timeless too.” A green suit, for example, can look particularly rakish, while I would also recommend pinks and purples.

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Let’s be honest if you’ve been reading my blog, you know I have a huge thing for color and color and on Men – huge bonus. It takes a king with Balls to pull off bright, bold colors. Now I don’t necessarily mean looking like ’willy Wonka wonka’. Some people may say – when it comes to colour, less is still more: “You just need a bit of it, in one garment.”. I think anything goes as long as you play along with confidence.

Moksh Manuja rocking color like no other, definitely check him out on the gram!. This Man knows how to dress- the whole outfit is royalty. A great example of how you can use color to your advantage and pair it up with accessories, what’s more? A little shimmer doesn’t hurt and a king knows it.


Speaking of Moksh’s stunning outfit, his accessories are something that’s striking and for good reason. GOLDS look great with Pinks, Blacks, whites and reds. Silver goes with pretty much everything, especially cool tones and neutrals. As a man you have a lot of options to experiment with from a nice expensive watch to chains and rings.

A tip: A watch is something you should spend money on and not cheap out on. Accessories can be a great add on to extravagant clothing, it can make simple clothing look extravagant and jaw-dropping. Don’t shy away from the little details that enhance your style because in an overall perspective they always come together and will really set you apart from everyone else. And we all know Kings are meant to rule and not just be another wolf in the pack.