If you’re an avid reader of Roshnime you already know my love for Bold, expressive fashion and no one does it better than the LGBTQ community. They are literally a rainbow when it comes to fashion and style. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean colorful by just the prints and colors on their outfits but also colorful in the way some people choose to wear their clothes. Personal style is all about you wearing the clothes instead of the clothes wearing you and once you can achieve that, there’s nobody as fearless and stylish as you. 

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Is dressing Gay a thing?

No, I don’t think so. But it’s a great way to be heard and felt. A lot of people have the desire to express themselves and fashion is one of the coolest and most distinctive ways to do so. Whether you are Gay or straight nobody should feel suppressed or feel the need to hide their identity. Flaunting ‘you’ confidently is the most Fun thing about Style, and I always encourage my readers to put themselves out there and go all out if you want .  Here I’m sharing some unbelievably gorgeous Androgynous looks from all over the world. 

Gay Fashion

Brightly printed shirts are one of my most favorite Androgynous looks both Women and Men pull off so effortlessly. Some unisex looks are so underrated sadly but this is not one of them. I can never get tired of some pretty prints and colors, intact I have few shirts like that on my closet and they’re my favorite.


Men who dare to dress Androgenous are so brave to be comfortable in their Masculinity, big cheers to them. Clothes are just clothes at the end of the day, so pick and choose whatever you want!. I hate that some Men still shop at the Women’s section for the perfect outfit, well I’m about to change that notion very soon. Accessories are a great way to add that little Oomph to your clothing and it’s nice to see more and more men Accessories these days

The funny thing is that there is definitely less of a taboo on Women dressing up Masculine because they have been doing so for centuries because of ‘comfort’ , ‘Style’ and ‘disguise’ perhaps . Either way, even today it looked rather stylish. Pant suites, Doc Martens were all initially Worn by Men and now Women pull these off with so much finesse. Add a little color to it and you’ve got that Ultra Edge factor.

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‘Pink’ looks so good on Men! Especially in shirts and blazers. I think it was a color made for Men because every guy I Know would look great in pink, can’t say the same for a lot of other colors. Guys, don’t be afraid to put on a little lipstick and highlight for that extra glow . Y’all really need to upgrade the makeup game- it’s great Accessory!

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A little shimmer more Gold, nothing to hide! Go for it! I actually did a guide to dressing Extravagant exclusively for Men which has great advice on wearing Bold shimmery, printed outfits that look ultra Androgenous and ultra fabulous.be sure to check that out, because I have a lot of great ideas on how to pair Masculinity with a little touch of Feminine to give you a whole some look, which is something David Bowie did extremely well.

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I automatically have respect for you if you can pull of Glitter because I’m not sure I can. Glitter can look tacky a lot of the time but again remember it’s how you wear it at the end of the day. Dressing Androgenous for a woman isn’t just dressing up more like a guy. You could look Androgynous in a glittery pink dress, it doesn’t matter really. Certain clothes enhance certain things for different people so it’s important to know what you look like in what type of clothing. 

A man could wear an unfitted floral shirt and still look very masculine while a woman could be wearing a flowy long skirt and also look masculine. It’s important to understand your look and style overall and what fits you. It’s essential to be aware.

Gay Gay Gay