It’s not about designer brands or labels, because the truth is, ‘everyone is a designer’. Styling can be made personalized and fab with a few interesting touches. Gucci isn’t just Gucci anymore, here are some ways people have customized it as their own ‘look’ and stylized it with their interesting touches. Just to be clear, I’m not shaming designer brands, in fact it is them who have inspired these Creative looks! And Some of these are actually real… hmm I wonder if you can tell?.

Its NOT Fake, just FASHION 

Chanel bed head look

Baby I just woke up in Chanel. Because I can.

Fake Chanel Bandana

Chanel jean pocket 

I can finally fit everything i need, in my pocket.

coco chanel bag fake

Louis Vuitton in tube 

Louis Vuitton finally in technicolor.

louis vuitton fake

Pokémon smacked on

Poekemon it on your ass, because it’s cool as shit. I’d rather see these in the stores than the $100 dollar jeans at the store I probably can’t afford right now.

Pokemon fake

Playboy in tube 

Diamond bunny rich bitch 

Playboy fake

Chanel beach ready 

Bitch don’t get sand on my chanel!

Chanel Dress fake

That ass is plastic 

Literally clothing speaking to us in metaphors. Honey, this is not just’s a statement!.

Female outfit trend 2020 fake

Short Supreme 

This outfit is a fashion parody, but cool. It’s like saying I could wear every single brand on myself and it wouldn’t be enough to feed my insecurities.

Supreme fake

The paperback

If this thin paperlike top was a real Louis Vuitton it would probably cost you like $500. So I’ll pass.

Fake Louis Vuitton Crop Top

Prada’s day out

Cute, simple, wearable so should fit the price.

Prada top fake

Versace Workout 

I’m that bitch that works out in Versace.

Versace fake


I don’t need a daddy when I can afford Daddydas!

Champion Adidas Yahoo fake

Super Gucci

Gucci for fun people 

Gucci fake

Louis Vuitton under the wear 

Louis Vuitton as lingerie makes sense.

Louis Vuitton Bra top fake