’Fashion Passes, style stays’, that’s what they call it. Starting a trend is no different because trends are constantly changing and evolving over time. ’Trends’ are a fun way to get people on board with a unique style. Trends can start from people, they 

can be started by media, blogs and even you can start a trend!.


Step one is- Be unique, be fresh and don’t steal ideas. I do have to tell you that because some trends are just ideas from the past, which a ton of people keep bringing back and calling them ’Trends’. Right now flaunting your ’Baby hair ’ is a big thing, not sure who started it but it’s quite a unique one. Rico Nasty got a lot of people onboard with it a couple of years ago when she released ’Nasty’. Kim K’s probably regretting getting rid of those cute brown girl baby hair.

start your trend


Step two is – make it your trademark thing. Let me tell you there are SO many followers out there looking for ideas and people to motivate them to try out new things. Avril Lavigne’s black kohl eyeliner and neckties were her trademark and so many young girls followed her look. Black eyeliner, baggy pants and midriff tops were 

Fueling up the fashion market, I know I bought a couple of black denims and baggy pants just to look like Avril.


Step three is – build your character. Have a striking persona, be engaging so people want to follow you. They see your uniqueness in character and look and feel you are a reliable source of fashion, an inspiration to follow. If you have a personality and all look, once people interact with you, they’ll automatically be put off and your outfit will mean nothing.


Step four is- when people ask you where you found out a boy this trend and what you were inspired by, shrug it off and say you thought of it and you just were what you like. Don’t be afraid to take full credit for a trend you start, make sure people realize that you put creative thought into it or you’re just a natural when it comes to style. People were more likely follow future trend you decide to start



Step five is- stepping out of your comfort zone and trying out new things, exposing yourself to more options and style. Fashion is always evolving and you have to learn to evolve with it, there constantly revamp your look- keep changing it up. Be unpredictable and be confident. Try out a bold new hairstyle, switch from bodycons to blazers and shirts- reinvent something!. That already sets you apart from everyone else, so when you decide to start a trend…it will work. 

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