Educate yourself on men’s fashion

Fashion started with men. 

Ancient Egypt was probably the first indisputable sign that men’s fashion had overtaken the fundamental purposes of clothing. Egyptian rulers reigned over their subjects like no other.

Style was quickly adopted as a weapon to intimidate and influence those beneath him. Uniforms were created for soldiers and all officers serving under the Pharaoh. Jewels and precious materials became obvious advantages showcasing social status, and the use of artifacts adorned to clothing became a clear indicator of royalty, leadership, and wealth.

Egyptian men

Historically, much of popular style was influenced by kings and imitated by his subjects. He was a man who could have anything he wanted in the world. And like today’s musicians and Hollywood celebrities, world leaders were revered and their styles imitated as the ultimate form of flattery. With the invention of the automobile and the new ability to travel, for the first time in history, American fashion found its way to England. With it, came the dinner jacket, or tuxedo. Although the tailcoat and morning coat were favored by traditionalists, a younger and more modern generation was coming out of the woodwork and getting ready for the jazz age and the roaring’ twenties.

The 20’s 

The jazz age had begun. A new generation of men was rebelling against the aging traditions of their fathers. They were drinking, partying and womanizing like never before.

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America was now the center of the fashion world. Although much of the clothing inspiration still came from England, Italy, and France, those who created the styles were focused on the idea of what was of interest to Americans.

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The apparel of the country gentleman soon turned from hunting jackets into business suit jackets.

The tuxedo was the jacket of the night, but the suit was now the jacket of the day.It became more and more contemporary, and as America embraced advertising and the 1950s rolled in, America fell in love with the idea that men no longer lived to work, but rather that a man worked to live.

In the hallowed halls of the Northeastern Ivy league campuses, new trends emerged beginning with the trad style. Like the tuxedo, the trad style adopted the traditional style of the suit but was an effort to allow young men to rebel against the strict dress codes they viewed their fathers as having.

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The 60’s 

Then came the 60’s when the flower power movement got a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence ideology. It is rooted in the opposition movement to the Vietnam War. Most of all we remember the Beatles from the time and how their fashion influenced millions of people all over the world. 

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The Nehru jacket, with its stand-up mandarin collar, a long row of buttons and hip-long length has been synonymous with the first Prime Minister of India. Although it gained this name only in the 1960s, the iconic jacket has been known by Jawaharlal Nehru’s name ever since. But this stylish jacket is not just a fashion statement in India. In fact, it has gained international fame, thanks to The Beatles and Time Magazine!

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The 80’s

The ’80s were undoubtedly an interesting time for fashion. Filled with bold designs and bright colours, the decade saw gents fully embrace trends and proudly showcase their style. Unfortunately Of course, over time these brave looks slowly disappeared to make way for a more minimalistic look in today’s world.

However, Fashion is evolving and changing , soon Men’s fashion will become more experimental, bold and embraced by all.. at least that’s the goal. For that, the Industry must cater to both men and a Women equally.

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