The only 3 things you need to get customers is my way of educating everyone about selling fashion and how to hustle. Let’s leave E-Commerce aside and focus on how to read your Customers and understand the current trends. The question isn’t just about ‘What they want?’ , it’s about ‘What you want’. Then merging the two to find a commonality you can work with.

Knowing the masses

You may think you know what people want or are looking for but you have to open your mind to the possibility that you may be missing something. One of my personal favorites, Steve Madden mastered the art of Knowing the masses. He studied the shoes on every Woman’s feet walking down the streets of Manhattan, he sat in stores for hours watching women buy shoes. What makes the most sales?

What’s the unique shoe women are looking for but can’t find?. He made headlines with his quirky ‘bobble head girl’ commercial which strikingly resemble Bratz Dolls. Big Chunky Platforms and baby doll shoes were everything in the 90’s. And let’s be real, the fashion we saw then is currently booming in the market after brands like ‘Dolls Kill’ and Hot topic hit the scene. So watch, pay attention and don’t be afraid to ask people what they want. 

Be Authentic but don’t overdo it

Since we are focusing on ‘how to get customers’ you can’t get by producing completely out of the box products that target a Niche Market. Although stores like Hot Topic have been quite successful at it, it’s challenging. If you are planning to target a Niche market make sure you have a definitive idea of the genre you’re aiming for , example- Alternative Fashion, Kitschy Fashion or Boho.

As long as you have an idea who your customers are you can experiment within the boundaries of that. If I’m producing alternative clothing I will add my own unique touch to it along with different styles and cuts , something you won’t find in Hot Topic or anywhere else. Make sure you define yourself , so people don’t confuse you with a different brand, so you have no chance of being replaced by a different Brand by your own customers.

Niche customers

A cool way to be Authentic is taking bits of inspiration from Art magazines, Pop Culture and traditions – it helps commercialize things people may not have heard of or been exposed to. You can take the women’s faces from Kitagawa Utamaro’s Japanese art and put your fashionable clothing on it, signifying modern day Tokyo Street fashion. Be Creative! Be authentic but don’t be ridiculous.


Stay Up To Date with trends

This is probably the most important part of reaching a wider customer base. You have to be in tune with current trends and looks. Trends are constantly changing and evolving into something new, you must grow with it. 

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Window Shopping and browsing is a great way to get in touch with what’s popularized both in retail and media. Make a note of what Era is back in style, what cuts women are wearing and how Top celebrities are currently styling themselves.

While you start to notice new trends, don’t be afraid to start your own. I did a blog on ‘How to start your own Trends’ – a very sure shot way to achieve it.