Are you someone who’s looking to re-do your whole wardrobe and not sure what to buy? Usually, you end up buying too much and overspending. It’s a common problem, so here’s a list that might be useful to you.

Plain white tee

The plain white tee is basic and fashionable . You can pair it with anything. Black pants and a leather jacket or a red jacket and a pair of jeans.

Fashionable outfits for men

Basic black tee

Just like the plain white tee, the basic black is also a necessary item in a man’s closet. You can never really go wrong with black. Affordable and easy to purchase anywhere.


Basic linen pants or chinos

Basic linen pants or chinos are great on formal occasions or date night. You can pair them up with a formal shirt or something simpler like a basic tee shirt.

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Cargo pants

Cargo pants are comfortable, trendy and sophisticated all at the same time, depending on how you wear it.

You can purchase this for $75 on Alex Mill.

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Wind runner jacket

Trendy and useful on rainy days, you can purchase them in different colors and stripes.

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Striped shirt 

Edgy, and very fashionable. If you can pull it off, you’ll definitely be a head-turner. 

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Khaki can be worn in so many ways. Khaki pants, khaki shirt, khaki shorts ect ect.. it’s a great basic but fashionable piece to have.

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Turtle neck

Turtle necks might seem nerdy to you but very stylish when worn a certain way. You can pair it with linen pants and dress shoes.

Cotton camo 

Camo is a stylish very piece to can buy this at the Goodhood store online.

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Print shirt 

At least one print shirt is a must have, even if you’re not too fond of prints, you can buy one in a darker tone. They a youthful quirkinesses about them.

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Doc martens

Doc martens look great paired with cargo pants or denim. Prices range from $60 to $80.


Dress shoes

Dress shoes are a necessity for formal occasions, date nights, work or just as a fashion statement. They look super classy and fashionable.

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I don’t know anyone who has never owned a pair of converse. They look great on casual occasions but you can also style it with denim pants, a leather jacket and some accessories. It has that early 2000’s alternative bad boy look.


Cotton pants 

Cotton pants are easygoing, breathable and an essential in a man’s wardrobe. They come in hand for outdoor activities, vacations or just a walk in the park. You can buy these at H&M for $34.99

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Graphic tee or color

One graphic tee is a must have. Band merch, logos or interesting art, graphic tees have a spunk!.  You can buy this edgy tee at the Cuteshop for only $43.