Who are we kidding?, Labels and designer brands are ruling the fashion market. Everyone feels empowered when they put on a $50000 jacket because they know they can afford it. If it has a brand name or slogan, even better because now you can tell everyone.. yes I can afford it. Let me tell you the big deal about designer brands isn’t the amazing ‘quality’ or ‘options ‘ you have but it’s all in the name. You are paying for a piece of clothing designed by ‘someone’. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, flaunt it. 

 However everything has its price, just like the thousand dollar dress you bought for your friend’s wedding. A great example of people who care about brands would be developed countries such as Singapore or Hong Kong, you would notice that almost every girl (in clubs or shopping districts) would carry a branded handbag (e.g. Chanel, LongChamp, Michael Kors, Gucci). There’s also a high emphasis on wearing Adidas and Nike sneakers or sportswear. Champion hoodies or Superdry jackets anyone? Or perhaps Northface?

Additionally, the more people (or friends) you see wearing branded clothing, the more likely you are to regard the brand highly. If everyone’s wearing it, it must be good right? If a restaurant seems to be packed full of people while another restaurant is just as empty as a ghost town, you’re most likely to give the crowded restaurant a second look. Why is it so popular? 

Labels and designer brands

Labels and The lonely Mess

Ever feel unloved?, insecure? Or even invisible?. A big bold designer jacket will boost your self confidence and definitely get you those head turns. To a lot of people, money means power and having an item that is designer is like owning a diamond ring or a gold chain- it’s worth something. 

Celebrities get custom made clothes by famous designers. A custom made designer clothing is like a reward everyone wants. If celebrities are wearing Supreme and so are you , it’s always going to make you feel like you are on their level. When in reality your worth comes from your unique , which labels indefinitely kill. 

You will notice buying luxury goods in bulk is going to limit your options when it comes to shopping- from where you shop, what you shop for and so on. Limited options mean less scope for you to try new things and experiment with your look. My blog – fake it till you make it shows how people have customized labels in their own clothes.

Anyone can make a fancy bag and print Louis Vuitton on it, it’s not a big deal and that’s what it has come to.  Countries like China and Thailand produce bulks of fake designer goods which sell like wildfire, and surprisingly enough.. a lot of people buy it for the design and logo and not because it’s a ‘name’

A lot of people have very tactfully created variety and experimented with different styles, textures and colors but imprinting different logos and labels for the ‘ look effect’ of it . The other psychology to buying fake luxury goods is the Aesthetics and creativity put into it. As someone who definitely stands by giving credit to the original designer, I am very impressed by the creativity put into fake designers .

You can sell anything you want in today’s world and get away with it, Fendi surely isn’t going to take down small Chinese businesses selling fake Fendi bags. In my opinion Faking it isn’t always a good idea , stealing is even worse but  starting your own brand with unique designs and logos is always a creative interesting way to start a name for yourself. No one can stop you from doing a parody Gucci shirt or Parody Versace dress and long as you keep it original and fresh.