There is a huge Stigma around ‘what Men choose to wear’. If you’re not considered Fashionable then you’re a bum who can’t take care of himself. If you’re too Fashionable then you’re considered Feminine or may even be mistaken for being Gay. Is the Solution here to find a suitable Balance?. I say Screw the balance because the Stigma you see is governed by the invisible laws of society, fashionable Men don’t give a damn about Society.

Siddharth Batra

When you stop complaining is when you…

‘Why can’t Men have anything for themselves, everything a man wears is taken by Women, why can’t we have anything for ourselves?’, something a Man once said. Maybe it’s because Women’s fashion is constantly growing and driven to experiment; there’s a huge Market for  unisex clothing in the women’s department, in today’s world the Androgynous look is in!. Men don’t have to be stuck in the same place, maybe if y’all start experimenting and open yourself up to more clothing options it will drive brands and designers to make change happen. 

It’s clear that Men like Siddharth Batra don’t really give a damn about what you think, he dresses A certain way because it makes him feel good about himself and it’s not just that… it leaves a good impression, because it shows his confidence and his flair for creativity. The style and grooming editor of the popular website, Siddharth Batra is a fashion Chameleon, who can work with anything and everything. This Bold fashion enthusiast takes men’s Fashion to the next level.

The idea of what’s female clothing and what’s Men’s clothing is very fluid in today’s world, gender roles have a rather negative connotation and there is definitely no place for it in the Fashion industry. A man can choose to dress ‘Masculine’ if he wants and ‘Feminine’ the next day if he wants. A man who’s comfortable in his sexuality won’t be afraid to mix it up a little. 

Women have throwback styles that are constantly making Hits in the fashion a Market from Bellbottoms to bodysuits but how often do throwback styles for men work? You ever seen a Man flaunting Bell Bottoms?, they are considered ‘Feminine’ and that’s just what a man might suggest if you ask him. For centuries women have always caught up to men’s fashion and made it their own, seems more acceptable doesn’t it?. 

Whether it’s Army boots or suits, women are embracing all types of clothing. If women can, why is it Men are scared to cross a line when it comes to fashion?. Societal pressure and the need to look masculine may influence a lot of your stylistic choices and how you want to present yourself to the world. I say and have said over and over again that Fashion has no rules, and no boundaries so go wild and explore all you want. Dress in a way that best represents you and have little elements of inspiration from all the different things you’re drawn to whether it’s music, Art or people. 

The icebreaker 

If you’re a guy that likes sticking to traditional masculine attire but you’re annoyed at why there’s no growth in the men’s department, then you should check out my blog- ‘ Alpha man style hacks’, it kind of gives an idea to how you can look both masculine and unique. I can understand how limited clothing options make it a lot more tricky and complex to work with do you ultimately slide into a comfort ball. Don’t be a part of the problem, be the solution.

It’s not always easy for a man who desires to be fashionable however first things first, you have to open yourself up. As a man you may not have the luxury to always pick and choose – you want to look traditional and stylish but don’t want to give off a feminine vibe? You have to start broadening your choices. Be open to wearing prints, colors, different cuts, maybe even accessories like Hats, bracelets and Scarfs that may be considered feminine.

Your first test is to go to a party in these five things. A color tshirt/ shirt, No jeans maybe formal pants instead, shoes that are not sneakers or converse, a prominent Accessory and most importantly layer your outfit with a jacket, shirt, coat etc… Once you are comfortable rocking with these things you can start getting somewhere. This is sort of like an ice breaker, so you stop dressing to impress. 

Siddharth Batra-Men who don’t Dress to Impress Siddharth Batra-Men who don’t Dress to Impress