Being an Alpha Male isn’t about being the biggest most aggressive man in the room, no that’s The Incredible Hulk. People have defined ‘Alpha ‘ in many ways, however it is very clear to me that an Alpha Male is Confident, secure and definitely fashionable. I added the fashionable because that’s how I see The ultimate Alpha man.

Fashion doesn’t mean nice, expensive clothes…It’s much more than that. It means how you wear your clothes, any clothes. You could wear a pile of rags and turn into a fashion statement with your presence. The Alpha presence is powerful,and not extremely difficult to attain. Let me tell you how. 

Alpha male

Be Gentle

Not something people usually associate with the word ‘Alpha’ but the age old myth is that alpha males are thoughtful,determined protectors. To be all of those things, one must be gentle, patient and intelligent. And let me tell you, putting on a nice shirt, formal pants and a tie doesn’t hurt once in a while.

Why Do you think your mom or grandma made you wear that as a kid?, because people and especially women associate certain clothes with certain feelings of nostalgia.  A suit is a very traditional garment for men, you look mature and manly …sort of gives off a paternal vibe in the best way possible. 

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Subtlety is your best friend

Time to ditch the cheetah, horizontal stripes, supreme tees, Gucci shoes and replace them with basics. Check out what I mean by basics on my other post- ‘15 fashionable outfits men must have in their wardrobe’. Try something a little more minimal for a change and maybe pair them up with one expensive or statement piece. Black t-shirt with a denim jacket or a white shirt with pinstripe pants.

Logo tees are totally out of the question, don’t even consider putting them on. Subtlety in this generation is definitely rare and while you definitely want to stand out. The confident version of you knows that you don’t need over the top clothes to do that. A man who can turn heads with just a look and presence is truly an Alpha man.

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Posture and body language 

The two things that I promise you will change your life forever. A good posture, back straight and firm handshake with lots of eye contact is what will get one step ahead of everyone else. Keep your body open, loosen up and please avoid crossing your arms or doing the shifty eye.

A loose body will help you open up and that in turn will really help you be yourself…confident, secure and intelligent. Your body language is directly related to how you act and the presence you give out to everyone else. Wear Well fitted Clothes that are your personal style, that will help you be yourself and automatically you’ll feel a sense of familiarity and comfort.

An extra something 

An extra something always helps add character, distinguish you from everyone else. Maybe it’s a really nice watch, or interestingly framed glasses, multiple rings on one finger or even a piercing or tattoo you want to highlight by pulling up your sleeves. Remember you’re a leader not a follower, so you must have something unique or even imperfect about yourself that you want to highlight so you’re never just the forgettable kind of guy. 

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Keep it Natural 

The last and most important point to sum it all up. Ditch the hair Gels and strong smelling colognes. I suggest you even avoid the whole grooming eyebrows situation. Keeping it natural is the best way to go through life. Wear nice perfume but make sure to keep your natural smell.

Take care of your hair, get a nice haircut that fits your facial structure, avoid using gels and hairsprays. No one likes running their fingers through hard clumps. If you think facial hair looks good on you, you should consider keeping it, it’s got that rugged charm about it. Try going as natural as possible, just remember to dress well and keep your head held high . Confidence is key to attaining the Alpha man look.