Custom clothes can be delightful, especially because you know it’s personal to your style; it has that unique touch you are looking for. My idea is to promote easily customisable clothes, comfortable with making, excellent quality fashion that is accessible to everyone. Clothes can be expensive, we want everyone to be able to have fun with clothes and look great, so here’s how to get Fancy clothes for cheap by customising. We want people to feel like themselves in their clothing, something defining, edgy and experimental. 

Here are some fresh, stylish looks that you can have access to or have made for cheap if you’re looking to start your own brand/ trend/ blog or anything at all. 


Silk is easy to customise into anything. It’s a very available and versatile material that can be made into anything from shirts to pants to even scarfs.

Easy to customize silk shirt

Flowy patterned skirts 

Cotton skirts are very chic and comfortable and perfect for summer. You can experiment with simple cloth , maybe old dresses, drapes and turn them into two pieces with a skirt, or a nice airy top. They can be experimented with tie and dye and made into a hip bohemian skirt.

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Satin and Chique 

Satin is a common material  used in nightgowns, or evening wear. You can make a really sexy dress out of it or something like a short skirt , or even a pair of really cute PJs , why not?.

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Easy LATEX looks 

Latex got really popular in the 90’s, Britney Spears wore it, the spice girls wore it, and now you can too! However a big con is Latex, the material, is expensive to produce. There are very few places that make it, so usually it has to be shipped from Europe. It takes skill to work with latex so you should find a very good tailor for the job. However if you can afford it, there’s a lot you can do from making dresses to pants , the best part is that it will never lose its shape and last good as new for 30- 40 years. If your condoms can survive the man handling so can your pants.

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Why we love mesh?, because you can wear it inside a dress, as a dress, or even on top of nothing and make it look great. Mesh is not hard to find and not expensive. Printing your own mesh fabric is so easy to do and people have been doing so for hundreds of years.



Velvet feels amazing, looks amazing and makes you feel amazing. Velvet is a soft, luxurious fabric.  Velvet made with synthetic materials is generally quite inexpensive. Velvet can be used to accentuate womanly curves and create stunning evening wear or coats and jackets. A con to this is that it is a sensitive material so do NOT wash them in the laundry or dryer, wash with warm water by hand.

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Silk is perfect for scarfs that can also be used as wrap tops or dresses. Easy to customize, and very useful for versatile purposes. They are simple summer wear and look great when paired with accessories. Just remember to wear pasties underneath.

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Net is an interesting and unusual choice. I added it to the list because I think it can be used for a lot of different purposes such as Shrugs, net dresses, skirts or even scarfs. It’s a cool way to give your clothes that extra sophistication and edginess. 

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These Prada socks

Take regular knitted wool socks, also very easy to make; then knit your very own label on it, or anything else you want imprinted. This is not too complicated and you can even try it at home.

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Ever wondered what your dress up clothes were made of, when you were a kid?. Polyester!. Very cheap material to buy, but you can customize it in your own way, such as adding sequences, glitter or prints on it.  It is readily available and a stretchy made material that can withstand a tear. Another go to material is ‘Silk’ if you are looking for quality. I’ve mentioned silk before, but it is important to add that Silk is very classy and elegant and perfect for sun dresses and florals. As a grown up , your dress up clothes should be Silk!.

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This one speaks for itself, very easy to can try it yourself at home!

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