‘Fashion Nova takes over Gucci’ are you surprised? , cause I definitely am. The most googled brand/ store isn’t Gucci or Prada… it’s Fashion Nova. You probably know someone who shops at Fashion Nova, Hell I’ve bought a couple things from them . Let me tell you it’s not worth the money. They’re the store that’s in between Fast Fashion and Luxury brands.

Fashion Nova

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Dirty money 

I know some of y’all don’t want to be cheap, but Fashion Nova has a ugly side you need to be exposed to. Over a year ago I bought this really cute Green cami top from them, which sadly is no longer with me today. It recently passed away while I tried to take it off in a bit of a hurry , the bitch tore off the sides. That’s when I had a moment to rethink every shopping decision and ever made. Maybe I was a bad shopper?

Don’t worry I told myself, most of us are. It’s true, you could be a bad shopper if you’re shopping at stores like Fashion Nova or revolve or some shit like that. A lot of overrated Brands get away with selling cheap mainstream clothes for crazy money and the production value put into that piece of flimsy Fabric is less than half of what you are paying for.

Look, if I’m going to be buying  fast fashion clothing I’m expecting cheap good looking clothes for one night out so My budget is $50 max so How the fuck does Fashion Nova get away with selling Tank tops for $15?.


Fashion Wars

Luxury brands are putting effort, time, creativity into each design, while fast fashion remakes the exact same things and gets more sales for it. Sure Gucci is making a lot more money than Fashion Nova because they’re expensive and have a class of clientele. Fast Fashion sells ,sells and sells in bulk but the end goal here is money. They might be advertising with innovation, gorgeous quirky designs, big eye catching posters etc… but these are already done with honey. Versace did those printed shirts a decade ago and they sold out like wildfire. 

I’m tired of seeing mainstream fashion constantly growing into a huge lump of toxicity because of brands like Fashion Nova who sell basic bitch wear for outrageous prices. Fast fashion is okay once in a while because it is more widely available and affordable but brands like Jaded London, Dolls Kill, Misguided are constantly giving discounts and do it so much better. When I see creativity and uniqueness a shout-out is well deserved!.