Fashion Nova. 2/5

Fashion Nova has some massive collections of clothes, in all cuts, types and colours, both basics and edgier. Its online website is straightforward to access, although it does use ‘Shopify’ to set up the site, therefore, is less optimised and secure. Some of its styles are very generic, and they sell the same thing over and over again. The clothes are so 2018 and essential (every random Instagram influencer), hence way too much for the price. I shouldn’t be paying $15 for a tank top. The effort they put into the packaging and catering to the clientele is very minimal and basic.  

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Dolls Kill. 4/5

Why dolls kill gets a higher rating is because of the uniqueness it brings to fashion. The prices are a little steep, but it’s definitely worth the price because it’s original quality goods.  You can tell they put effort into customising their website look, packaging their products etc. They have an individualistic  ‘Dolls kill’ style, which I can’t buy at H&M or forever 21. Their collection of shoes are gorgeous! however, they don’t cater to male customers which seems like a bit of a business drawback to me.

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Shein. 3.5/5

Why is Shein just Mediocre despite their vast collection of clothes?.  Many reasons contribute to this; firstly the ‘quality’ isn’t always what it seems like on the models on the website and in addition to that the size chart is wishy-washy. I feel like I can never quite find the right size because all their products are so tiny and customised for skinnier and leaner body types.

Although they do have a wide range of clothes for both men and woman, it’s hard to tell what they’ll look like until you have them delivered ( which btw also takes nearly a month). They do have a very responsive and helpful customer service which is a plus. I wouldn’t say it’s the most reliable place to shop however it’s unusually low prices ranging from $4- $30 is very very tempting which is why most of my clothes are from shein. It’s kind of a gamble because some of their products are great! Especially if you are looking for accessories.

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Forever 21. 2.5/5

Forever 21 has a limited selection of clothes since it got switched over to being online. They have pretty great offers and discounts; prices are not too steep nor too expensive. You are paying for what you ask for. However, their quality has hit rock bottom. Recently I ordered a lavender satin dress and it was not what I expected- cheap material, size was incorrect and badly made overall.

Oftentimes I can’t  find what I’m looking for on their website. If you buy stuff as a guest user, oftentimes they don’t send you a tracking number which is very tricky. And their customer service is extremely poor, and unresponsive to emails. However they get a 2.5 for their collection which is limited but they do add a couple very useful basics which are suitable for its price.

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ASOS. 3/5

Their men’s collection is impressive and versatile. Prices are mediocre. But in the end there’s nothing special about their store. It’s all the same as Zara or H&M which makes it all see too bland. It could be very well the look they are aiming for . But the idea is to be distinguishable and not just sell the same things for money, to cater to a larger clientele and not have them go to Hot Topic for their type of clothing.  The website is basic, their services are basic and so is their motif. Therefore this online website is not very memorable at all.

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Nastygal. 3/5

It’s the basic bitch haven. A compilation of all of the above in one store!. They definitely know how to make a profit , but know zero about fashion, some of their clothes are even hideous .They do know how to appeal to the clientele, I will give them that. Their customer services, packaging, FAQ’s and overall website is very appealing and user friendly, not too over the top, neither too basic. It’s like buying a higher quality version of forever 21 and paying an equally high price.

This store is not a disappointment if you are looking to shop for regular day stuff, but it is a disappointment to style and fashion because it does not encourage the youth to break out from their boxes and explore some new areas of style. 

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