Zodiac signs are a fun way to get to know yourself and your style. The Easy answer is – your look is what showcases ‘you’ best as an individual. Style is not about boxes, and labels or trying to be like the model on the cover of Vogue. What clothes best express you?

Let’s discuss a fun way we can explore your look, through Zodiac sign rising signs for all of y’all astrology lovers!
Zodiac Sign Outfit


. Unique

. Bold

. Colorful

. Feminine

This Zodiac Sign is very out there, quirky, all prints and variations of material. Fluorescents and sheens are popular blended with exciting graphics or cuts. Matching accessories, bags, makeup to complete a whole look.

Aquarius Outfits Zodiac Sign Fashion
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Zodiac Sign


. Quirky

. Cute

. Girly

. Tasteful 

Mesh tops, girly prints and bright colors. Lots of cotton , silk, satin And everything else. Fluorescents, pinks, reds, lavenders with a lot of pretty prints and designs coordinated with accessories and shoes. Occasionally sparkles and a little shimmer.

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. Athletic 

. Edgy

. Masculine

. Feirce 

Sweatshirts, graphic tees, bomber jackets, fishnets and chunky metal accessories like rings, chains or bracelets. Darker tones with contrasts of brighter tones . 

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. Comfortable

. Feminine

. Bodycon

. Light or pastel colors

Soft tones, delicate tops but bodycons – clothes that show off those Traditional Taurus curves.

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. Fun

. Experimental

. Colorful

. Unisex

Bright colors, prints, patterns and cropped tops. Corduroys, denim, cotton and converse. Anything that’s youthful and unafraid to show some skin, this zodiac sign can pull off.

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. Safe

. Conservative yet stylish

. Florals

. Soft tones

Florals and lighter colors. Easy breezy and light textures.  Chiffons and cottons. Sundresses and flowy tops.

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. Gold tones 

. Fashionable

. Dazzling

. Ballsy 

Over the top, expensive, white and golden tones with some red or orange. Anything royal or extravagant. Velvets, satins, Silks paired with jackets or coats.

Leo Zodiac Sign
Leo Sign Zodiac Sign
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. Sophisticated

. Formal

. Casuals

. Understated clothing 

Any color, simple, tasteful and not too dressy. Skirts and tops are a common look. Cottons and wool, maybe some denim. 

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. Simple and stylish 

. Touch of feminine and casual

. Belts, hats and other accessories 

. Easy wearable and chique 

Lots of accessories, fancy tops with simple pants to balance the look. Chiffons, cottons, denims. Formal lace tops with small prints.

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. Revealing

. Edgy and hot 

. Feminine sultry

. Unique 

Tube tops, sleeveless, strappy or cropped. Anything edgy and tight fitted. Leather, silk,denim. Accessories and layered clothes. 

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. Dressy Formals 

. Fashionable business woman

. Masculine sexy

. Expensive taste

Halters, v necks, off shoulders to highlight neck and shoulder area. Shirts and pants for formal wear but in expensive taste . Paired with bags, purses or clutches. 

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. Tasteful formals

. Well fitted clothing

. Neutrals 

. Understated but classy 

Turtle necks, shirts, pant suits or office skirts. Cotton and satin with belts and collars. Paired with one accessory- maybe a watch or a necklace.

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On the cover we have Zanetta Mungro Photographed by Caroline Cockrell Wearing The Block Vintage. Check out more on their website!