Do you look at someone and go ‘wow that looks amazing on her,But I couldn’t pull it off’.  Not sure what your style is or what looks good on you? Here’s some excellent ways to discover your look.

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Everything looks good on you.

Make sure you tell yourself this. Because people will always say bangs don’t look good on a small forehead or horizontal stripes, make you look fat. Once you get past those illusions, you’ll come to realise you are the one who’s in complete control of how you appear to others. Anyone can pull off absolutely anything; it boils down to confidence.

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What’s your personality like?

Are you more outgoing or more of a homebody? The answer is it doesn’t matter because you are more than just that. Just because you are more of an introvert doesn’t mean you will gravitate towards a more modest look or style, it might not be ‘you’. The question that is more important here is- What kind of things do you like? Such as films, art, books, music, colours etc. What are the things you associate yourself with, or are drawn to? Make a Pinterest board with all the things you like or find appealing.


You should think about how you feel about colours and neutrals, do you have darker skin or fairer? Warm tones pop on darker warm undertones – try yellows, reds and fluorescents. Neutral colours look good on all skin types. Pastels look good on all skin types, just make sure you balance out your outfits. If you’re wearing a colourful dress, wear essential shoes and accessories. If you feel comfortable in neutrals, pair them up with bright (pinks, greens, yellow) shoes and earrings.

Do Accessories matter?

Yes, they do, only if you decide to wear them. Gold looks very flattering on darker skin tones while silver looks good on olive to medium light skin tones.  If you aren’t confident in accessories, don’t wear them and especially don’t overdo them (unless you are going for a specific look, say a bohemian style). Maybe just try hoop earrings, because they go with almost everything. Not everyone can pull off accessories, and if you’re not into it, then just wear a simple wristwatch.

Wear what you feel

Are you comfortable in these clothes? Do they make you feel pretty? Do they raise your confidence? And do you look at yourself and know this outfit was made for you?…then you’ve found it. Go shopping for clothes that fit into that checklist. I don’t necessarily mean expensive fancy clothes, any clothes you feel fit you perfectly in all aspects. The more you follow through with your mental checklist, over time, you’ll figure out what style best suits you.