Fast fashion is easy buy, easy wear and easy throw away but in life you can’t always get it the easy way. McDonalds is cheap, fast and tastes great but you eat everyday you’re going to be on ’Fat TLC’. If you’re used to buying fast fashion clothes you need a reality check or yours going to end up with a closet full of trash you are reluctant to throw away. 

Throwing away clothes hurts, that’s any clothes. You might have bought a really nice two piece outfit that you love but now it’s all worn out, however you just don’t want to throw it away. You should!, because now it’s trash and you can probably replace it with something newer and more fashionable. 

Fast fashion

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The reformation

You might think it’s too late to cut the old habits and hope for change, but it’s not!. You can reform your closet, you can throw out all your cheap clothes and with it all your cheap habits. From time to time indulging in a little bit of fast Fashion is completely okay but you must know where to draw the line.

If you’re someone who loves owning a lot of clothes then shop smart- buy good quality jeans, pants and jackets but fast fashion graphic tees, skirts and loungewear. It’s okay to buy fast fashion home clothes but never buy your jeans from a cheap store, the same goes for dresses and shoes. These are high quality products that you should not compromise on ever. 

I went to the tailor a month ago to get this green dress fixed, he was charging me $15 to get my $7 dress fixed…i was like really?. It just went to the trash and instead I bought a similar green dress for $28 which I probably won’t have to get fixed for years. The investment there is long term but with fashion, your investment is short term and you will keep paying little by little every month spending on the same junk that’s going to tear and not fit, so you’re going to go but something else again. It’s a never ending cycle that will rob you .

You don’t want to be a hoarder, piling up $7 worth of clothes in your want to keep it simple, accessible, good quality and soon you’ll have money to spend on other things like nice shoes or a stylish jacket. 

The Ugly reality 

Emily buys sweater worth $25 – production value is $5 so where is the rest of the money going?, I can tell you it’s not going to the workers. You could pay four Bangladeshi unit workers for a whole month with that money. No you are not worth that much you fat fuck. In that case you might as well be spending that $50 on a Zara Jacket which will definitely last you a few years. 

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Revolio magazine posted this presentation they made on H&M’s worker cruelty, take a good wide look at it. 

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SHAMEFUL! Do you realize how fast fashion is both eating you up and spitting you out at the same time?  You are compromising for the conformity to mainstream media while spending on trash, hoarding the same trash and throwing out trash so you can buy more trash. This is both harmful to the environment as well as the growth and transformation of the fashion industry. As long as you keep buying copies of Rihanna’s latest pants , they will keep selling it and as long as they do…the same fashion recycles forever and ever. Will you be brave enough to step forward and end this nightmare once and for all?, are you ready to get rid of that weight?.

on the cover is the Brilliant Nadia Lee Cohen’s photography