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Jeans with mesh 

Mesh goes with anything; however, they’re really easy to pair up with jeans. They look super casual and yet stylish especially for summer days. 

jeans fashion outfit looks 2020

The fold 

Folding your jeans can be an aesthetic look depending on what your overall look is. Boyfriend jeans look really cool ‘ folded’, especially if you’re wearing a flouncy top.

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3 quarter jeans and stilettos 

3 quarter jeans look great with stilettos or even wedges, because they show off those gorgeous legs, and people can finally admire those expensive shoes

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Girly and casual

The best part about jeans is that it’s not specific to a certain ‘style’ or gender. Just depends on how you wear it and what you wear it with. If you’re feeling like dolling it up a little but not up for putting on a dress, you can pair up those jeans with a cute top.

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Backless and flare

I’ve talked about my love for flare pants if you’ve been reading my blog. But flared jeans are a life saver on summer days. It’s airy, light and they look great with backless tops on just a regular day. 

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The formal

Are they telling you jeans are not formal enough. Wait till you pair a simple white shirt with a pair of loose fit jeans!. They look so stylish, professional and easy to wear. 

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Skin tight and bold

A pair of skinny jeans are a must!. They look great on a great body and you can pair them up with almost anything. If you’re a ‘dress’ kinda gal, then skinny jeans are a great alternative to look sexy and fab on any occasion.

Cropped bell sleeves

Bell sleeves tops were made for jeans! You can pair it up with some accessories and a belt, they look super chic and bohemian for maybe a day at the park or lunch with friends. 

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Tubes and bodysuits

Tube tops and bodysuits look gorgeous, especially paired with skinny jeans. They are well fitted and really bring out those curves. 

Sweater weather

You can never really get away from those pairs of jeans in your closet, because the truth is …they always come in handy, all throughout the year. Pair it up with a cute cropped cardigan and you’re ready for the evening.

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