Flared pants have been an all time favorite. You’ve seen them in your mom’s closet and maybe even in your grandmothers. They have been passed on for generations. The exciting thing is that they never get old. Let me tell you why 

They go with heels 

Pair them up with any kind heels- wedges, boots, stilettos etc.… doesn’t matter. It looks great.

Flared Pants street style

They go with sneakers 

If you’re going for a more casual look, sneakers or converse go well with flared pants, and they make you look taller if you’re worried about the no heels on your casual day.

high waisted bell bottom jeans

They go with formals

For all you all busy women -Pair them up with a blazer and top, and you’re ready to go to work/ meeting/ dinner party or whatever important event you’ve got to be at.

white flare jeans

They look stylish

They are so varied, and they come in all colors to match your favourite top for a day out in the park or a hot date.

black flare jeans

They look good with prints

They can look so edgy and fun if you pair them up with a mesh top or some matching accessories or if you’re going for a whole look. Patterns are in this summer!

plus size flare jeans

They look casual fashionable 

Theyre your best friend. Casual when you want them to be but fashion if you want them to be. All you’ve got to do is just pair it up with a fancy jacket and a stylish purse or hat. 

plus size bell bottoms

They look good with shirts

Not everything looks good with a casual shirt. But flared pants add that extra edge and ‘laid back was’ to your look. Some days you want it a little airy and comfortable without looking sloppy.

black flare pants

You can wear them in any season

The best part! Winter, summer, fall or spring, you can wear flared pants all through the year. They’re like a best friend that’s always here for you. Trust me; they never let you down.

flare jeans women