Not everyone can afford to buy expensive clothes, and pick from any designer brand they want. But like I’ve mentioned, my goal is to promote ‘style’ that is fashionable and accessible to everyone. ‘Style’ is not a privilege; it’s a way of life. And I believe anyone can be stylish and creative in their way.  Here are some ways to make your clothes look expensive. 

The Skinny bitch wrap

Wraps are easy to find, comfortable to wear. You can buy cheap head wraps and tie them around your chest and call it Gucci, no biggie. Especially easy if you’re sort of flat in the chest area, at least you have more options with fashion.

cheap clothes that look expensive
most expensive outfit

The bimbo bag rule 

Matching your bag with your outfit already makes you seem vain because you’re accessorising and showcasing your essentials. What’s more, you can have people wondering what’s in those bags.  Be all mysterious and not so mysterious at the same time.

cheap clothes that look expensive
expensive girl clothes

Shallow net stockings 

Stockings are an alternative to pants so you can wear fancy clothes and show off your assets in a classy fashion. Back when pants weren’t a thing for women, women survived on stockings. Today women wear stockings to a club in winter and complain about how cold it is.

cute expensive outfits
world's most expensive outfit

The Rich Bitch 

Preppy Fashion school kids will love this one. Socks with stilettos. A look that will have every potential boyfriend either head for the door or buy you expensive things, it’s kind of a gamble.  But this daddy’s little girl look will definitely get you by on days you missed your manicure appointment.

most expensive clothes ever
meghan markle clothes cost

GG the tummy tucker 

Buy a designer belt (maybe a fake one, no one can ever tell anyway) wear it around your skirt/ pants or dress and voila! All that extra fat is slimed down by a giant not so subtle designer belt. Belts so big and ugly no one will be bothered to measure the size of your waist. 

expensive looking outfits
bts most expensive clothes

A big shoutout to Alyssa Miller who started her brand ‘Pilgrim’. On the cover she poses for Harper Smith. Check out her absolutely gorgeous collection here