Getting dressed up and going somewhere is always exciting, and during a time like this when most of us are indoors Quarantining ourselves, going out in our best outfits can be a hassle and even out of the question. I mean some people are going out, I’ve been out a couple time but ever tried to wear hoop earrings with a face mask?’s a struggle. Casuals are something worth investing into even if you’re like me and want to look fabulous even at home. Some days tie your hair up, put on some baggy sweats and chill, take a break …now is your time. Here are some ways to make Casual wear look fabulous, even at home.

Crush it like a Cola Can

That’s what I call this one ! Mostly because you’re crushing it but with no effort whatsoever. Hair in a messy bun , baggy boyfriend jeans and a cropped Cami top. I buy cami’s in different colors because they are so comfortable for summer and give you that beezyness . Boyfriend jeans are the type of jeans you can wear at home and be as comfortable as you would be wearing sweats. Buy them loose and wear a fitted top, I personally think that makes a very chic fashion statement and balances out the whole look. 

Doin it with Flare 

Trust me you’re ‘doin it with flare’ if you’ve got a pair of Flared Pants that you wear at home. I Actually did a whole blog on Flared Pants and how important they are. You can literally wear them anywhere in any way and look stylish. Cotton flared pants are my favorite and they are so comfortable to wear at home. A loose pink wrap top or any wrap top is perfect for fall evenings when it gets a little chilly.

Sweat it out

Just sweats and tube tops are an easy way to go. I tied my hair in cute Space buns. Very easy to do,  dry comfortable and extremely cute and fashionable for home. Make sure they are the original mens sweats ( the super baggy grey ones)

Another way to go is wearing a baggy oversized tee over the sweats instead of the tube top, I chose this. Black tube top that I bought on Shein  because I just love wearing tube tops. I say go with anything you like, just remember to incorporate the space buns into it.

Screenshot 2023 12 27 at 7.21.08 PM

ultra Glam no Glam 

A perfect casual Glam look for home is sweats and a backless bodysuit. Any cotton Bodysuit does it but I picked a backless one because ’Summer’. It gets hot and sweaty so the less clothes the better. You can pair it with Boyfriend jeans or flared pants. See! That’s one way to incorporate flared pants into your look again!. You better be getting those flared pants.

Screenshot 2023 12 27 at 7.19.44 PM