Well, you really want to know what styles to avoid?, well you should know the ugly reality behind this story. The media will try to overwhelm you with different styles, fashion advice, looks and these are things you should definitely not be swayed by. Some people will tell you fedoras are dorky, oversized sweatshirts look Feminine, graphic tees are childish etc. over time I’ve come to realize that no advice , no kind of tips will help you if you’re planning to completely alter your wardrobe because someone said you aren’t fashionable enough.  

Avoid these men’s styles

I’ve come across dozens of blogs telling men what NOT to wear, and honestly a lot of the items on the list took me by surprise. I think quirky Printed Shirts look quite refreshing. Who doesn’t like a guy who’s willing to confidently pull off tiny cherries on a shirt. Tie and dye tees? Why the hell not, I’d say wear whatever you want!. If you think you can pull off that Star Wars graphic tee you bought cause you’re a total Movie buff, I say flaunt that. You should not feel pressured to conform to some sort of stereotype of what fashionable is supposed to be.

Refinery 29 also covers this issue and has talked about the woman’s perspective on Men’s fashion. You are definitely free to check this out or any other video that gives you clarity on Menswear, but let me tell you the list is long as hell and you will not be able to keep up…and you don’t have to.

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Avoid the fashion tips

You think you can pull off boat shoes? Great, just don’t wear them to work. There’s a time and place for different kinds of outfits. Stop worrying about what magazines and advertisements are telling you, it’s about knowing your look, feeling comfortable in it and rocking it . There are various ways you can rock your look – it has to do with everything but your clothes. Trust me when I say this…you work on you first and the clothes will fit right on to you.

 I did a blog on ‘ how to fit your style’ for women and I’m going to do one on men sharing with you different ways you can explore who you are which will ultimately help you discover ‘your look’.  Your look can be anything from turtlenecks to Gucci shirts and people will call you Goofy, tacky, flashy and even unfashionable but you have to be okay with that. You will be okay with that, because once you achieve the confidence in what exactly your style is, you won’t care about what anyone else thinks.

You like colors, prints, accessories and like listening to Alt punk….maybe you can use all those different aspects of yourself to figure out how you want to dress. Let me tell you, there are way too many blogs telling people what they should and should not wear, but the ball is in your court so you have to figure it out for yourself. But firstly you have to be open to that type of change .