My Misguided package came in today, arrived in later than I had expected. I ordered two oversized tees from playboy wrong, one grey and one black. I was very impressed by the packaging and the idea of wrapping it with the playboy bunny wrapping paper. However putting aside the aesthetics, the delivery time was disappointing (came in about three weeks later than expected). I was not happy with the tracking system – did not give me an estimated time of delivery either,  so I had no idea when my clothes would be arriving.  

Misguided package

I contacted their customer service which wasn’t much help, they couldn’t give me an estimated time of delivery and did not have the answers I was looking for regarding my recent package hence it was a trip. This was my first time ordering from misguided, overall extremely happy with the product and quality of it, so it won’t be my last although customer service and management get a big thumbs down from me.

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