Rocking something bold and edgy isn’t easy, I’ve had my shy moments, when i felt like i couldn’t pull off a look confidently and everybody does. Like I’ve said before, anyone can wear absolutely anything and look Fabulous ( walter Mercado taught me that). It boils down to Confidence and personality, something that’s easily moldable. It’s essential to understand and accept how you see yourself before you question how others see you. 

My Essential starter Pack 

This includes three simple things that anyone can have- access to Pinterest, access to a gym, reading more and learning more. Pinterest because I think it’s a great platform to get you motivated to start from a blank canvas and draw up something gorgeous. You’ll find interesting Fashion ideas, news, aesthetics you may find inspirational. Like I’ve mentioned in my blog- ’ How to fit your style’ making a Pinterest board of all the things you like is a great way to figure out yourself and what you are drawn to which is how you find your look. It’s quite a simple process and explained thoroughly well in my blog ’It’s time to fit your style’, check it out to. Get a better idea of how you can Pinterest to revamp your wardrobe and find yourself a whole new look!

Going to the Gym or even working out at home is an essential because at the end of it you will feel good about yourself, your health and body. Before uyour outfit, it’s important to take care of yourself – that includes both mental and physical. The sweat will definitely make you feel a lot more self confident about wearing what you want, also a flat stomach and toned arms helps, so why the hell not. 

Reading more and learning may seem something unnecessary while we discuss fashion, however this is something that builds personality and sets you apart from everyone else. When you know more and expose yourself to a lot of content and knowledge you’ll be able to explore different styles and diversify your wardrobe. Inspire yourself, expand your horizons- don’t confine yourself to vogue magazines and mainstream media for Fashion inspos. 


If you’re someone who loves the color black or neutrals, that’s okay. When I say color, I mean being comfortable in brightly colored clothes, unique designs and bold prints. Even if you do decide to wear all black, make sure you pair in with nice red shoes or a bold printed jacket, maybe even a bag. It takes confidence to pull off color, because some colors can look unflattering on some people, but being able to rebel against that notion is what you call ’Bold’.

Akasha, fashion Icon and designer of the ’Namaslay’ collection rocks bold colours, quirky outfits with total confidence. Accessories, shoes and the whole fit is ’on fleek’. This Fierce woman can pull off anything from Ethnic Indian wear to edgy two piece sets. Check her out on the Gram! Don’t miss out on her gorgeous outfits from the’ Namaslay collective store’.

Being a Fierce Man or Woman means you must be open minded enough, daring enough to step out of your comfort zone. You can start small, maybe a minimalist outfit with statement shoes or an edgy stylish jacket. Start filling up your wardrobe with more color, more cuts, more prints etc… you can try out bohemian pieces, vintage coats and even take inspiration from vintage magazines. You’ll see a very subtle coordination between color and being Fashionable. Color sets you apart in a room full of neutrals, at first that kind of attention may be overwhelming but Over time you will love flaunting it.