Gully rap, originating from the streets of Mumbai, India, has evolved into a dynamic and influential genre, capturing the raw essence of urban life. This genre gained widespread recognition through the 2019 Bollywood film “Gully Boy,” inspired by the lives of Mumbai-based rappers Divine and Naezy.

Several emerging artists have made significant contributions to the Gully rap scene, adding their unique flair to the narrative.

The influence of gully rap and desi hip-hop on the fashion scene in India is undeniable. Everywhere you look, the fashion-forward youth is sporting oversized streetwear, perfectly aligned with the ethos of these musical genres. However, as the realm of gully hip-hop continues to expand, so does the fashion credibility of its artists. In an industry as prominently public as the music scene, where fashion is intricately intertwined with the musical narrative, visual appearances hold significant weight.

Saloni Mahendru, one part of the dynamic stylist duo Dos Two, boasting clients like DIVINE and Raja Kumari, shares her perspective: “Desi hip-hop emerges from the gullies, representing the voice of the Indian streets. And naturally, fashion accompanies it. The evolution of desi hip-hop is providing a platform for emerging Indian streetwear designers to express themselves artistically. It’s fascinating to witness how certain Indian brands are seamlessly integrating traditional textiles and prints into contemporary streetwear, creating a beautiful fusion of cultural elements in clothing.”

These talented faces can not only spit some bars but also sport some of the most unique looks of all time.

Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai has been seen adopting a casual and streetwear-inspired fashion sense, which is quite in line with hip-hop culture. Just like his beat’s his style is effortless , laid back and yet encapsulates a high fashion energy.

He dresses himself in baggy t-shirts and oversized jackets — and never forgets to Accessorize! Not only is he inspired by GOAT hiphop artists like 2pac and Dr.Dre but also adopt his own heritage.

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Seedhe Maut

Seedhe Maut, a hip-hop duo consisting of Encore ABJ and Calm, is known for its energetic and raw style, both in terms of music and fashion. 

Seedhe Maut has been seen adopting a monochrome and minimalistic approach to their fashion. Black and white color schemes are frequently used, creating a sleek and modern aesthetic.  Their fashion style is urban and edgy, reflecting the raw and unfiltered nature of their music. They often choose clothing that complements the energetic and rebellious vibe of their performances.

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D’Evil often incorporates streetwear elements into his fashion choices. This includes items such as graphic T-shirts, hoodies, denim, and sneakers. While maintaining a streetwear aesthetic, D’Evil has been seen experimenting with colors and patterns. Whether it’s incorporating bold colors or unique patterns, he adds a touch of individuality to his outfits.

When performing on stage, D’Evil tends to choose outfits that amplify his stage presence. These outfits may include attention-grabbing details, reflective materials, or unique silhouettes suitable for live performances as seen during his NH7 weekender performance. He sports a trendy pair of jeans stitched with stuffed animals.

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Dee MC

Deepa Unnikirishnan, better known by her stage name Dee MC, only got into fashion after her career took off. She shares, 

“I was always a tomboy and it annoyed me that boys could just wear whatever and show up, while girls were expected to put a lot of effort into their appearance.

Her outfits are inspired by R&B artists like H.E.R, Sza and  Jhené Aiko. She embraces her culture and incorporates a lot of Gold Jewelry and ethnic prints.

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“We used to have this sense of competition among us in terms of who had the coolest dressing sense. This is also where I picked up on the mindset that as a hip-hop artist, you always have to look top-notch regardless of how much money you’re making.” 

MC Altaf