You already know I’m a sucker for ‘Color’,‘ Bold Prints’ and confident Women who know how to dress. In my Blog  ‘what’s your color’ I cover a lot of details about what color may fit you best however I’ve contradicted myself many times stating you can wear any color and rock it. Yes, I still say you can wear absolutely anything and look like a Ten! Sure some colors are more flattering to you than others but like I’ve said it’s about ‘confidence’. 

Color Coordinating is more than pairing up a bunch of pinks with pink accessories or looking like one of the ‘Plastics’, it’s definitely not about just matching your clothes. It’s a whole art of its own. A creative Woman knows yellows and olive Greens generally look amazing and turquoise blue with Brown looks out of place. Some colors and prints together work and are more easy on the eye while some just stick out like a sore Thumb.  Well Cierra knows and doesn’t care.

You have to have an eye for Aesthetics and what looks good, some are just gifted with it like The Beautiful Cierra Nia. From Graphic casual tees to cute winter wear and glam Barbie, she looks like a Goddess in everything. She embraces ‘Color’ and coordinates two or three different shades to build a whole look. Oftentimes she wears prints and patterns that work with certain shades of colors. Pastel Pink Sweaters with soft accessories and a solid white cami. 


Statement Fashion 

She knows Oversized Tees look great with Baggy jeans, it has The Whole 90’s Aaliyah vibe. Cierra knows the importance of pairing Accessories like Bags, Rings and necklaces with her outfit creating a whole Statement look. Cierra is not afraid of ‘quirky’ in fact she oftentimes embraces it through looks which are constantly changing. Just when you think you’ve figured out her look, she’s flipped and that’s what I love! Her unpredictable and experimental style has me hooked just as it could get anyone hooked. Her Golden Bronze complexion works to her advantage as she flaunts bright colorful sassy outfits, she’s a hard one to beat.

Don’t Match everything

Yes, color Coordinating doesn’t mean you have to wear all the same color tones. You can wear a pink Satin Dress with Green Heels. As you can see Sierra is Bold enough to wear this paired with a green stone Necklace that really gets your attention on every inch of her look. Both individual pieces as well as the look as a whole look absolutely great on Cierra because it ultimately boils down to the Sheer level of Confidence she has.

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The next image shows the reverse, an Emerald Green Dress dress in gorgeous Pink Boots, paired with a yellow tinted Green bag. All colors here are different, also not to mention her checkered shirt. Cierra knows she looks Bomb! So fashion Gurus can take a walk and think about what they’re doing wrong when they ask you not to pair 3 different colors in one outfit. 

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If there’s a Woman who knows how to work with ‘color’ in her personal style, Cierra Nia is your go to gal!. There’s not a color I’ve seen on her that doesn’t look absolutely Stunning. Whether it’s Horizontal stripes with checks or vertical stripes with graphic Prints, it doesn’t matter because This Fashion Rebel proves Fashion advice is Bullshit. Rules were meant to be broken, especially in Fashion because that’s how you build your individual style and learn to experiment with different looks. Once you break your walls and get comfortable in your new skin, I promise you there’s no turning Back.

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BOHO girl

When I say ‘Coloring Outside the Lines’ I mean Go have Fun Kids! You don’t have to worry about coloring outside the line or messing everything up. There are no rules, because you can’t win and be different with an overload of rules.

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Cierra Knows this and she isn’t afraid to go Rihanna one day and Harry Styles the next. Ballsy Women like her are what we need in Today’s Fashion Industry, people who want to push boundaries and aren’t afraid to express themselves through fashion.

A little bit of Grunge and a little Boho, Cierra rocks the outfit. Earthy tones look great when paired with bright accessories and shoes. Layering your outfit doesn’t hurt either, it makes you look a whole lot stylish when you do so. 

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Cierra works magical with colors! She knows earthy Tones fit better with chunky silver Jewellery and more understated Jewellery to match its flavor while colorful clothing blends well with colorful accessories that oomph up your look. Cierra manages to customize clothing to fit her look instead of her look fitting it which is a major plus as I’ve mentioned previously on ‘It’s time to fit your style!’

Cierra never misses a beat in her song- high heels to her Sunglasses everything is color coordinated in the most artistic Fashion. Now I’m not sure if she does so intentionally, but whatever she’s doing is working wonders for her look. She is a great inspiration for pitiful gals who say things like ‘Orange is not my color’. In my book there are no excuses, if you can’t style yourself in anything and everything and find a way to customize it to your advantage … Well I suggest you keep reading my Blog.