Not everyone is a mindful Shopper and not everyone calculates how much they’re spending on what to save on their allowance. This is for everyone who wants to shop for stylish quality goods on a budget.

Zara or H&M?

Zara is a comparatively more pricey brand compared to H&M that caters to a more fast Fashion crowd. You need to understand what type of clothes you should be buying as fast fashion and what you should not compromise on. Like for example jeans! You can not buy cheap jeans, they’re something that should last you a lifetime and remind you that it’s time to lose that weight. Be smart though, you can find both quality and affordability if you’re shopping at Old Navy for Jean so it’s a win win! You can however cheapen out on items like tank tops, yoga pants, swimsuits and sweats.

Shopping on a budget

Be Trendy or practical?

The answer is Both! Especially if you can find something that’s Trendy ,comfortable and wearable in most occasions. I have these Lacey yellow tank top which I can wear with jeans and sweats as well as outside and inside the home so it comes in Handy. However sometimes you want to splurge on something fancy because you just need to have it! I feel you, go ahead and splurge but keep it to one fancy clothing piece a month. 

Another Awesome tip to finding common ground between Trendy and practical is find Staple clothing you can customize in multiple ways- wear both casually and in a dressy way. Blogger and Fashion Therapy expert Komal Pandey masters this!

She’ll show you how to pair a basic white shirt in ten different stylish ways.


Hot Essentials?

If you’re a guy essentials are a must! White shirt, chinos, basic tees etc. there’s a whole list for men in my Blog if you want to check it out. For women it can get a little tricky because there’s so many options to pick from. Every woman should have at least 5 pairs of pants whether it be linen, cotton or corduroy- they always look classy and a Fashionable no matter what. Try Picking up a few pants in the stores instead of jeans next time. Even though jeans can last you a lifetime – you can’t beat pants.

Wedges and platform shoes are heels you want- comfortable, classy and wearable in any occasion. Buy more tops instead of tees. Comfort is great but comfort in nice clothes is better. If you want to buy tees and think it’s your style maybe you can style yourself in oversized tees and baggy pants- they look super cute.


It ain’t about the Price Tag

Price tags may seem like a big turn off at first but it’s your determint. If you buy $100 top you know what else to buy. You save some of you money for expensive items that are for special or formal occasions while spending less on everyday wear. Look for discounts and offers , especially if you’re a student! For Men quality is always over quantity so buy less clothes buy shop for quality clothes, maybe even expensive clothes. Old Navy is one brand that offers both Quality and Quantity for men. 

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Women, buy less clothes and avoid cheap fast fashion options because in the long run you will end up paying more. The $5 top will have spending on another new $5 top after the first one tears or stains. If you don’t want to pay in installments I suggest you spend at least $20-$50 even on everyday wear. I’m not asking you to blow all your money on bunches of clothes. Keep to a limit for every month , but keep swapping and changing through the seasons.

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