SUPREME sold out – insider story

SUPREME sold out – insider story

WHY is everything on supreme sold out?


Supreme is always sold out because of its cult following. People will openly admit to purchasing a ton load of Supreme, from shoes to shirts, jackets and sweaters, their little pieces collectibles. Another aspect you may want to look at is the “exclusivity” of the brand, having celebrities wear it — totally makes the brand sell out. It’s not just the OF fan-base, there are many other celebrities wearing the brand as well.

Well if I can’t get anything online maybe I can just try to buy Supreme at their physical stores right? I can go all the way to their New York shop and be disappointed when I realize everything there is sold out too. Yup I have to go all the way to New York or LA to their store (good thing I live in New York). despite being such a well known brand, they only have 10 stores worldwide.

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The reselling stock culture is obscene 

Buying in bulk and reselling designer brands for a higher price. That is absolutely absurd. Even more so that they’re advertising this shit. Brands are selling their limited collections that are no longer available to their customers because some douchebag is buying a bulk of supreme and selling it on stockX or real real.

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Defeating purposes

Hence this means, Collectables are no longer collectables if you can find them on stock X. Supreme has a limited edition in limited stores, but reselling supreme stock creates a bad rep for the brand as well as other brands that are similar. Is this what we really want for the future of fashion?