Finery will destroy any fashion sense you may have developed over time. Yes, this is the unfortunate reality of the fashion world- there are people out there waiting to use ‘fashion’ against you. Actress Brooklyn Decker and former broadcast journalist Whitney Casey recently combined forces to make something that every person faces daily a lot easier: getting dressed. I’m not sure if easy necessarily means anything good in this case. The entrepreneurial pair saw a white space in the fashion and tech world and developed an app to help people manage their wardrobes.

The Finery

The Finery app keeps track of all your online purchases and manually entered clothing items, so you can plan your outfits ahead of time. With their awfully predictable app, you can plan what to pack for an upcoming trip on your morning commute, or pick out an outfit for date night on your lunch break. It’s like having your closet in your back pocket at all times. But do you see the real issue with that?, with an artificial intelligence picking out the outfit for your next date? Hell i’ve always emphasized on the importance of individuality and this app crushes every aspect of that. 

Finery is obviously teamed up with specific brands and stores such as Kate Spade, Theory, Ella moss etc.. well i don’t know if i want all my clothes suggestions from those specific brands.


I can say i’m definitely not a fan of Karen’s fashion so no thanks. If I want Karen to pick out an outfit for my date, I’d ask my mom or just a real life karen. This app will make you look all like scary clones by the end it, because there are only a few version they can suggest for you to wear. Casey and Decker began using new technology such as image recognition to give women ideas on how to wear their stuff ahem ..ahem just make everyone look like you basically.

Another real issue with Finery in their promotion for more consumerism. We are already aware of how big of a problem consumerism is in the fashion world and we really don’t need an app feeding our unhealthy shopping addictions. When you are suggesting me a new outfit, maybe one with jeans i dont own, that pushes me to go buy them which in the end is all about them making money off of your sickness.

Ever hear of ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ , i think that’s something that could work against the laws of this terrible app. Limiting your clothes is impossible when all you do is look at a bunch of clothes on your phones and have a whole page full of selections and inspirations.

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Think about swiping and swipping on your outfits and still not being able to pick out a look just because you just don’t like it… very possible. Not only do you have to empty out your entire closet and take pictures of each clothing behind a white background to upload but you also have to go through the torture of updating your app everytime you put something in laundry or move your stuff around. I might be wrong but i think that takes more effort over time than just spend a sunday cleaning and organizing your closet. 

The app allows you to create your own “inspo feed”, which incorporates your favorite brands, designers, style icons and stores. Based on your fashion interests, Finery generates outfits for you created from what is already in your wardrobe. The app considers things like the daily weather and seasons and can suggest purchases you might want to make in the future. It is completely categorized, designed to look like your personal shopping site, sadly i think the forgot Pinterest existed back then too.

Besides adding to the consumerism and the complications of organizing your closet which probably wasn’t in as bad of a shape as it will be, this apps strips you of your basic understanding of what you think looks good on you and doesn’t- because everyone has a different shape, personality and look. Surely the app doesnt know better than you because you are the boss of your own style, plus it kills the fun of trying out all your clothes and discovering those pieces you haven’t worn in years. Fashion shouldn’t be treated as a tedious job, rather loosen up and have a blast picking your look everyday. And most importantly just be you!

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