Bringing diversity to the western fashion industry is so important. I can not stress on it enough. All I see is throwback styles from the 70’s and 80’s coming back around. What about introducing the world to new ethnic styles whilst respecting different traditions. Maybe bringing the African colors and Chinese embroideries and popularizing different traditional looks. For years fashion magazines have represented women and men in western attires- dresses, pants and skirts etc. As technology developers and media begin to dominate industries, the world is becoming a much smaller place. It is high time we start embracing different cultural looks.


The Beauty of Diversity 

The beauty of diversity is educating more people about different traditions, ethnicities and different fashion. Every country has its own fashion just like America does. The sad reality is that not much is known of it. India’s fashion is constantly growing and changing with contemporary designs and ways of draping the Saree. Similarly the Dakshi is a unisex garment worn by many African men and women in west Africa.we don’t see these garments in mainstream media, why is that?.

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beautiful contemporary African garments worn by both Men and Women, currently available on

Western fashion has dominated the whole world with its crop tops and high waisted jeans. These are looks advertised over and over again in the media and the youth looks up to this, they think it’s hip and modern forgetting their own traditional garments which are far more graceful and unique.

The oriental Nations have especially been influenced by western colonization which is why today you won’t find a lot of Men and women in their ethnic outfits. Most of the modern people who have the jobs should get up at 7 o’clock and arrive at the office by using a car or public transportation with crowded passengers at least before 9 a.m. Students have to go to Schools to study until 6 o’clock.

Sometimes students enjoy playing sports in the fields with their friends and to achieve efficiency a lot of southeast Asian maintain the western rule. In India however Culture outfits are embraced as a part of a woman’s daily life. For efficiency purposes Indian women wear stylish fusion and contemporary outfits like the Churidar and Kurta over jeans.

Recently traditional Chinese outfits have come back in style in the fusion look, popularized in Hong Kong. Seems like East Asians are getting a little tired of the same pants and skirts. Western fashion…is getting pretty outdated.

traditional chinese style incorporated into the models’ outfits in a photoshoot in Hongkong, i’m really so mesmerized …

Familiarity and acceptance

Acceptance is a big part of Bringing diversity to the fashion industry. Most cultures fail to accept their own Garments as modern or fashionable. As the fashion industry it is your job to show people that you can wear traditional garments in any style anytime and produce contemporary looks that are more efficient and wearable in everyday life.

‘Familiarity’ is something the western world needs to get used to, they need to understand the draping cloth over a blouse and calling it your invention doesn’t make you unique, you just stole the age old concept of the Indian Saree. Highly disappointing that only Indians were able to point this out, and not others which is why we need Familiarity and awareness above all.

My mother, who’s always been experimental with her fashion and look creating unique fusion garments has always embraced both western and eastern fashion. Together, she believes it’s a superpower. You have endless options and styles to recreate and make contemporary and wearable as well as educating people about how vaste fashion is and you can never really run out of ideas. Exposure is golden, and educating people through something as artistic as fashion is a great way to collaborate and get through to people and spread cultural awareness across the globe.

There is so much to learn and so much knowledge to grab from these types of collaborations. It’s 2020 and I want to see the fashion industry moving forward not backward. I want to see a complete new wave of fashion that introduces Japanese kimono style gowns along with cropped saree blouses and Bold African tops and pants.