Why are they bringing back the mainstream 70’s fashion instead of reinvented or revolutionising a new wave of way?. Still, shopping at the vintage stores? Let’s shine some light on the Fashion industry’s biggest scam since the 1930s. 

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Big profits 

It’s easy to find vintage clothing, make them and reproduce them in bulk- it costs less time, energy, money and thought. It’s a cheap way to make a maximum profit off of something rare and advertised heavily as ‘unique’ or ‘hipster’.

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The media will tell you what’s in style, what looks good, etc. They will do this indirectly, to promote their brands as well as bring in a wave fashion ( which is usually retro). It’s very evident in teenage shows/ media since they are a brand’s biggest customers. You’ll Notice in shows Like Euphoria, Riverdale or Sabrina.  Netflix is one of the biggest platforms promoting trends and styles, influencing millions of teenagers unconsciously.

Madison Petsch collaborates with brands like SHEIN and Popsugar to promote her looks from Riverdale.


Behind the scenes of Madison Beer’s new video shoot 

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The Non Creatives

In mainstream fashion, people are short on risk-takers, inventors and overall those who are willing to halt profits to revolutionise an entirely new wave of way appealing to a more substantial mass as well as today’s youth. Throwback styles are very cool, but they aren’t bringing something new to the industry.

Fashion from the past
80’s Fashion

Your parents are your influencers

Tell me that you don’t find old pictures of your parents and awe at their looks from back in the day. They were more fashionable, more stylish than anyone you see today. That’s because they had less quantity and more quality, and fashion was advertising something ‘new’ and ‘original’ back in the day; something people were excited to try out. They produced less trash, more goods.

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Because Mom’s don’t throw away their clothes

True story, I was just over rummaging through my Mom’s closet a few weeks ago and found a no sleeve crop top mock turtleneck she wore back in the ’70s. Threw a jean jacket over it with some heels and rocked it to the club! Got a million compliments!!

“I’m waiting for lime green bell bottoms to come back around, I snagged those from her too.” 

– RoshniMe

Why? Because they are quality, they are useful, wearable and the fashion industry loves the comfort of just keeping it that way.

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Ladies – what’s the best throwback your Mom has in her closet?

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