Online store conspiracy

You are shopping at Zara, and you buy a denim jacket worth $40, and a couple of days later you stumble upon an online store selling the same Jacket for $25. That shit hurts, it does. Why are online stores selling the same clothes with differentiating price ranges?, it’s for the Green paper. They want to make a profit off of dumb 20 something-year-olds. 

There is nothing unique about these brands, and the truth is they don’t care as long as they’re making money. I can’t tell the difference between forever 21 and H&M, and that’s a sad reality. My friend Jaz who’s into Marilyn Manson, Black Sabbath and has a hundred different tattoos compulsively shops at ‘Hot topic’ which specialises in Alternative clothing. They are different, they make statements, but why can’t other stores make an effort to do so?


Online store PRODUCTION

Producing the same kind of clothes cost less. The $20 mesh top Ashley bought was manufactured for $2. That is the reality of it. In the end, most things lead up to making as much profit as possible at the least amount of cost. 

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Media is on it!. They tell you what to buy and what not to. Fashion bloggers, Instagram influencers wearing the same thing are massively impactful to the impressionable youth and the younger crowd. When you see a model wearing something on an ad, you immediately envision yourself wearing it and want to buy it. 

But the truth is there is nothing unique or different about it.

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Honestly, I think people are seriously running out of ideas and concepts for clothing designs. It’s not about what’s in fashion; it’s about what’s unique to the brand. A unique personal touch of a brand is what does it. When I buy a dress, it should look like I bought it from a specific brand. Instead of recreating looks from the past ( 90’s, 80’s, 70’s) trying to create something Fresh and new is far more appealing to me.