the real truth is something quite unexpected and this conspiracy is one that is hardly ever discussed so frequently.

The real truth about double D’s

It’s nowhere in the media

Even though people get breast implants because they aren’t happy with their boobs, boobs aren’t ever advertised. Think about all those women on the cover of Vogue or the Victoria secret models; they’re all small-breasted. We don’t see them complaining now, do we?.  Because small boobs are ‘aesthetic’ and preferred in the modelling industry, in glamour magazines, sexy clothes etc.  Clothes look better, bras fit better, and everything is just a lot more athletic.

In the early 2000s, big boobs were everywhere. Glamour model Katie Price seemed to go up a breast size every year, but that’s no longer the case. 

The illusion 

The illusion of it all is that we think that ‘big boobs’ is what’s popular in fashion, modelling and looks. However, that’s just a misconception. Big boobs aren’t very ideal for modelling as it defeats the purpose of being a hanger, however big boobs are glorified, yes!. That’s true because men glorify it. Where do they advertise big boobs?. Playboy magazines and porn, not the fashion industry, not even on lingerie models.


Playboy was first launched in 1953. Back when curves and full breasts were big in Hollywood, with golden actors like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren in the Industry. These were ’the ideal women’. Hugh Hefner who launched playboy had a completely different intent to his magazine, something which did not come across so well for a lot a Feminist at the time.  

He wanted to make discussions of sex and nude pictorials respectable to bring them out shadows and onto the coffee tables of middle-class Americans. So he paired sexuality with the various other interests and hobbies for Modern progressive men such as a – jazz music, highbrow fiction, fashion, decorating and cooking tips, and by the 1960s, progressive politics and cutting-edge interviews.

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’Hefner portrayed the models as real human beings in recognizable settings, such as getting ready for work, and included biographical sketches and secondary photos that showed them in their daily lives.

The women were college students, aspiring actresses or secretaries. In some cases, he even showed them, in accompanying photos, in their role as daughters – having Sunday dinner with their parents’ –

-says Colorado state University.

Is it really a Woman’s battle?

It is not really just women’s battle, because women come in all shapes and sizes. Brands like playboy cater to male attention, and what man doesn’t love full breasts?. There’s no reason to shame big breasts, and there’s nothing wrong about getting a little more attention for it. A lot of young girls may feel the pressure to look a certain way but not advertising fuller breasts is promoting a lie and a way to validate body image related insecurities. Everyone should be embraced equally. Big breasts are natural and considered feminine, so the preference is completely valid in my opinion. 

Brands like Victoria Secret and Macy’s cater to a female crowd. The average bra size in the United States is 34DD which seems very surprising to me considering the advertisements out there promoting lingerie and bras. i think we need to reconsider how we are advertising. And what we are promoting to the female audience.

If you really want Women to buy your products maybe you should advertise fuller breasted women, and bras catering to big breasts. In general stores, the 32B bras are the ones that come in the best colors, best style and in multiple varieties while women like me are left with old grandma bras. And if you happen to wear a bigger size you have to pay for it, because Victoria secret is the only brand in my opinion that has got it right. Ultimately it’s your battle not ours.

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All well and good before photoshop and flaw faders 

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Women like me struggle to find the right bra , and the right fitted top, or wear wrap tops, tubes, backless dresses and ect. 

Therefore in my next blog I will discuss several hacks for big boobs and how to still dress fashionably.