Are you tired of the edgy modern woman style but still want to stand out desperately? Don’t be afraid to go bold and vintage! 

The old school, Audrey Hepburn look is a rarity in today’s world. It’s classy, chic and stunningly bold all at the same time.

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Don’t be afraid to be feminine 

The media will tell you a lot; they will tell you the new wave of women’s fashion being very androgynous, out there and even untasteful at times. In the 1950s Women wore long skirts, dresses, had their hair pinned up and not a lot a put out there for a show (except maybe a little cleavage which is perfectly alright)

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You don’t see a lot of that ageless Sophia Loren look these days.  Don’t be afraid to look feminine, because sometimes tasteful and classy can be very bold. Enjoy embracing Being a woman, not a man.

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Be a Mystery 

Mysterious women are appealing and have been since the dawn of time. There is something beautiful about not showing too much, speaking when you have something intelligent to say and being a good listener.

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Mysterious doesn’t necessarily mean embodying Cat woman or any other femme Fatales. However, that is the idea. To be a ‘that woman’ in a crowd of all women and keep them guessing

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How to look intelligent 

Intelligent women don’t care what you think of them; they don’t listen to bullshit and don’t bitch about their women. They’re not hard to spot either. 


Be fashionable, bold, fierce but also keep an open mind, dress well ( shirts, slit pants, formals, evening dresses, etc.). Wear anything you want, but make sure to keep eye contact, back straight and not overdo your outfit. 


Embrace your sexuality 

Confident women aren’t afraid to embrace their sexuality. If you see your body as an object then it is, if you see it as your superpower, it is your biggest strength. It’s essential to know how you see yourself. What you see and feel when you look at yourself in the mirror is exactly what you represent to the world.

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Insecure women are threatened by other women’s sexuality and even their own. Sex is power in a beautiful woman’s hands, and with that comes great responsibility. Use it wisely and by that I mean, embrace it through your style and your mind,

rare meaning

Tasteful, not tacky 

Being tacky is easy; looking sexy is easy. Looking sexy in an evening dress, big  bold sunglasses striding down 5th Avenue in pearl necklace takes guts. And modesty is definitely a rarity in these times.

rare to find

Rare beauty is the kind that looks beautiful in an evening dress and elegant on Sunday morning at the beach in a cute bathing suit.  It’s how you pull off any type of look with grace.

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