Skin tones and colour

Do you ever see a dress online that you finally get to wear but somethings just not right? Somehow the colour only looks odd on you?. It’s probably because your skin doesn’t mesh well with the colour of the outfit. I’m here to help you figure out what colours look good on you !

Pale colour tone

Finding your Skin Undertone

An undertone is the complexion of your skin, and most people fall between one of three categories: Cool, Warm and Neutral. By understanding what your undertone is, it can help you discover the best shades of color to wear.

  • Color Check: Look for specific colors that stand out in your skin. (Warm-toned skin has yellow, peach and gold tint, while cool-toned skin has more pink, red or blue.)
  • Look at Your Wrist: Look at your veins. If you see blue or purple veins, you’re most likely cool-toned, and if you see green, you’re warm.
  • Look at your Eyes: “Does their eye have golden tints? They will look better with something warmer. Do their eyes have blue or grey tints? Then I will probably suggest something cooler”. (Generally, cool toned people have blue, gray or green eyes, and warm toned people have brown, hazel or amber eyes.)
  • Look at your Hair: Look at your natural hair—cool tones will have silver or ash undertones and warm tones will have red, orange or yellow undertones.

What to wear based on your skin tone?

Warm undertones look better in gold jewelry, whereas, cool undertones look great in silver jewelry.

Generally, warmer skin tones look flattering in warmer colors (like red, orange and yellow) and cool skin tones look flattering in cooler colors (like blue, green, purple).

Look for colors with the same undertone—if you’re cool toned, find a red with a blue-ish / deeper base, and if you’re warm toned, look for warmer brick reds.

What works and what doesn’t Decide for yourself!

Cool Tone VERY-FAIR 

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Cool Tone DARK

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Warm Tone OLIVE

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Warm Tone DARK

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Warm Tone FAIR

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