Hey Cats! This is an interesting one so do continue reading. I created this blog ‘ROSHNIME’ only recently. Roshni, is my name and I think it speaks for itself. I’m not going to make this one a drag because I know most of you have very little patience to read the whole thing. I’ve always had a thing for clothes, accessories, shoes etc, fashion in general has been such a huge part of my life. The other thing I’ve loved growing up is ‘CONSPIRACY THEORIES’ so tada! I decided to combine the two things.

Ever since I owned my first Bratz doll, there was something inside me urging me to create. Over the years I’ve read, learnt and understood a lot about Fashion/media and the industry. It has been more of a personal journey, having absolutely no experience with fashion whatsoever. The one thing i have learnt though- you can wear absolutely any goddamn thing and make it look amazing. 

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Fashion is kind of like a mask or layer of you and you can choose how to wear it. You can wear it in a way that best represents ‘you’ or you can be someone else. Either way there is no such thing as bad Fashion, you could disagree but i think it’s about perspectives. There is no one way a person should dress because trends and styles are constantly changing and evolving (or at least that’s the idea).

I keep repeating this in my blog but it’s all about finding ‘you’- it’s a process but its a fun one. Don’t let blogs, magazines, instagram define how you want to dress. There’s a bulk of fashion content out there that basically forces advice and tips down your throat, let’s not even discuss the impact media and TV  has on the way you look for both Men and Women.

Although it’s a little unconventional, My blog encourages you to be ‘Authentically you’ along with some advice that may help, the rest is you. I want to help and guide you on your journey but not tell you what or what not to wear. I’m not your mom, just a friend who’s here to help. Most of us love fashion because it’s beautiful and aesthetic but i want to talk about what’s ’UGLY’ , because there’s a whole lot of UGLY going on in the fashion Industry, some things are worth highlighting.

I put up everything on here, the whole truth completely unfiltered but in a sort of quirky alternative way. Whatever documentations and articles you find here come from extensive research and personal experiences with fashion. What’s real is brutal and even beautiful at times, hence i want my readers to understand the importance of being ‘RAW’ and embracing one’s true identity through fashion.

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I started this blog to let you guys know that it’s okay to be ‘you’ and dress the way that you do, but in return I’ll guide you to “do you” ten times better. I want to bring awareness to fashion for everyone and anyone- from all cultures, traditions, races, and genders etc.

The beautiful thing about fashion is that it belongs to no one nation, its diverse art stems across the world from all walks of life. It’s high time we educate people about world fashion, cultures and the little things that inspire the Milan Fashion week designs that go unheard of on a daily basis. Learn, acknowledge and expand your mind , dont dumb yourself down to what instagram influencer are wearing on your feed. 

I’m here to guide you to be – BOLD, RAW and MAGICAL, only if you can handle criticism you may get for it. Nothing original comes easy, but join the revolution and support me on the blog as i support you on your fashion journey.