The birth of rave culture in Brooklyn can be traced back to the late 1980s and early 1990s when the underground electronic music scene began to thrive in the borough. Influenced by the burgeoning house and techno movements in Europe, Brooklynites started organizing illicit gatherings in abandoned warehouses, lofts, and unconventional spaces, in the heart of Williamsburg marking the inception of the rave scene.

Going to raves is a love language for many, a diverse community coming together through music and dance. Brooklyn being one of the most diverse places in the world, there is no shying away from the fashion seen at the rave scene.

So the question is ,what are ravers wearing?

Fashion at early Brooklyn raves drew inspiration from various sources. The eclectic styles of the 1980s, including vibrant colors, oversized clothing, and bold accessories, influenced rave fashion. Additionally, the cyberpunk aesthetic, with its futuristic and dystopian elements, played a significant role in shaping the avant-garde and unconventional attire seen at these events.

Brooklyn raves are not just events; they are sonic journeys that traverse diverse genres of electronic music. From gritty techno beats echoing through industrial warehouses to the pulsating rhythms of house music in secret lofts, the borough hosts a spectrum of events that cater to various musical tastes. Renowned DJs and emerging artists often find their way to these underground gatherings, transforming Brooklyn into a haven for electronic music enthusiasts.


Freedom through self expression:

The attire at Brooklyn raves is as eclectic as the music itself. Attendees embrace the freedom to express themselves through avant-garde fashion choices, creating a kaleidoscope of individuality. Neon and fluorescents often dominate, accompanied by eccentric accessories, futuristic silhouettes, and a general inclination towards bold self-expression. DIY fashion is celebrated, with attendees crafting their outfits to reflect their personalities and the immersive, avant-garde atmosphere of the rave.

The fashion landscape at Brooklyn raves is characterized by a melting pot of styles. Cyberpunk-inspired clothing, reflective materials, eccentric hats, and statement accessories are staples. Fishnet stockings, oversized vintage jackets, and platform boots are often paired with futuristic accessories like LED masks and reflective sunglasses. Attendees are not afraid to experiment with androgynous looks, adding an inclusive dimension to the fashion scene.

Sustainability and DIY

Raves are a perfect place for experimentation with garment and wearing anything that may seem too offbeat to wear anywhere else. Do you like to DIY? Raves are the perfect place to showcase some of these looks.

As the global focus shifts towards sustainability, Brooklyn ravers embrace thriftiness and eco-conscious fashion. Vintage pieces, upcycled garments, and sustainable accessories make appearances at these events. This environmentally conscious approach reflects a growing awareness within the community about the impact of fashion on the planet.

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So we asked around…

We asked New York City’s top fashionistas what they wear to raves and many of them love to customize the drip!

Sire Vert

Sire Vert, well known New york stylist and influencer customizes her own garments using creative textiles, materials and lots of accessories. She isn’t afraid to go ‘fictional character’ challenging mainstream fashion girlies. You can catch her strolling the city with her crew, dressed to the nines. It’s hard not to notice this absolute stunner!

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Bunny Zingler

Founder of Bunny’s Bae Bar was caught in New York sporting a leather sheen jumpsuit in blue. Bunny is a well known event planner and influencer on instagram with over one million subscribers. Who is Bunny Zingler? She goes by the handle Xo.bunny on instagram. You can catch her in anything from luxury brands in vintage as well outfits coupled with regular thrifted pieces. She’s always dressed to be out and about town.

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Uglyworldwide (AKA Jazzelle Zanaughtti)

New York sensation Jazzelle loves to get creative with her look and isn’t afraid of outlandish styles. When she’s not modeling for high fashion she’s dressed in casual pieces yet ultra chic and ultra stylish for a rave night out.

She loves a good jean look with elements of Y2K yet embellished and sensational.

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Basement Fashion, a hidden gem

Hidden in the depths of Williamsburg is Basement, where you’ll catch ravers draped in leather jackets, fetish- wear and fishnets. Inspired by Bondage styles influenced by underground and alternative communities that embraced non-mainstream sexual practices and aesthetics. Fetish fashion gained visibility in the latter half of the 20th century, partly due to its adoption by punk and alternative subcultures.

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Beyond the beats and the fashion, Brooklyn raves leave attendees with a sense of camaraderie and shared experience. The afterglow of these events is not just the echoes of music but the memories created, friendships formed, and the unique fashion statements that become a part of the collective memory.

In conclusion, Brooklyn raves are more than just parties; they are immersive cultural experiences that celebrate diversity, music, and avant-garde fashion. The unique blend of sonic landscapes, eclectic attire, and a welcoming community spirit contribute to the allure of these underground gatherings, making Brooklyn a beacon for those seeking more than just a night out.