Do you ever go online and happen to stumble upon stores selling extremely fashionable clothing for unreal prices like $5 for a top?. Of course, you have if you’re like me and like to shop online or look through clothes when you’re bored. You must have come across stores like Shein, Romwe or Ali express etc.… hmm seems suspicious, doesn’t it?. Well, let’s uncover a little more about this. showcases


China accounted for 38% of the global fashion industry growth across all segments. Also, China has been responsible for an impressive 70 percent of the expansion in the luxury market since 2012 ad it’s not slowing down any time soon, I can tell you that. China experiencing rapid growth rates—rates that are overtaking long-standing global fashion leaders—so what is it china is doing any different?

China, a vast market place for Asia fashion wholesale.  Buying wholesale clothing from China is a good way of saving a lot of money and can also enjoy the comfort of discounts. Wholesalers are found all over China. However, if you are looking for the best place to buy your wholesale clothing at an affordable price, it can be purchased in China.

Extraordinary China, The real hustlers
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Stores like Shein first started as ’She inside’, and not much is known of the founder or how it all began. Yep website is a total enigma, as El Mundo reports. The company relies mostly on digital marketing and bloggers to get you hooked on their products, rather than divulging anything about their supply chain or how and where precisely their products have been manufactured.

Nonetheless, it has grown tremendously over the years. However, China focuses on fast fashion – stores like Ali express, Zaful and Tomtop have a lot of consumers because prices are unusually cheap, and the clothes look absolutely stunning online. The story is very different once you receive them. They are clearly disposable clothing, you wear a few times and get new ones. 

The recent shein ban in India has had so many Indians completely torn. Shein for years has been that one haven where you find the trendiest most fashionable outfits. Everyone wear’s Shein!. Even Celebrities like Blake Lively and Kendall Jenner have worn clothes from Topshop and Shein for met Gala events. 

I’ll admit, I have shopped on Shein many times, and even when I have been disappointed with the clothing. It’s because it’s so cheap and it looks great on me, only I know it’s not fantastic quality, but sometimes I don’t care because I can just buy a new one for $10. It’s a sickness and promotes a very ugly side of Fashion that suggests our clothes are not worth much, they’re just trash at the end of the day. So why are we producing so much trash and paying for it? As yourself what this does to the fashion industry.

Made in China

Everything is made in China from shoes to clothes and even body wash and cooking supplies. ’The made in China’ label has always been the punchline to every joke and stigma surrounding the idea of cheap labour.  However, despite the fact that yes, China indeed has cheap labour, but it is also true that China can pretty much make everything that is required in the most complex industrial project that human beings ever had. China oftentimes is well known to copy or emulate styles and outfits worn by celebrities, fashion icons and what’s currently trending. They know what people want because they know what’s in the media.

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I am not saying that China has the most advanced technology in the world. It does not. However, a complete industrial system means that it has no apparent shortfall, and that is not something that every country has. With the complete industrial system that can compare with the US, Europe, and Japan, and the cheap labour price that can almost compare with Africa, why wouldn’t you choose to do manufacturing in China?

Dico’s is a Chinese fast-food restaurant chain owned by the Tianjin Ding Qiao Food Service. It has almost as many restaurants as McDonald’s. What does fashion got to do with food?. Probably not much but I’m trying to get the point across. Oppo turned itself from an iPod rip-off into a global empire, and Dico’s pretty much does the same. China Service started the brand “Dicos”. It’s aim? To provide fried chicken and burgers in buckets. But! They would offer the franchises for much cheaper than KFC! Or McDonald’s and they had everything from fried Chicken to burgers. 

An advertisement for Dico’s combo meal

Therefore my point here is China knows how to market their products as well advertise them well enough just like the Dico’s poster on top. They draw you in with both fashion and Food. Honestly at first I thought it was a poster for a clothing brand and later did my research to find out that it’s an extremely popular food franchise.

An Interesting way China draws the customers ( especially the Youth) is by continually innovating how they present their physical stores.In other words, in China, shopping isn’t just about shopping anymore but about engaging in a full experience of artistic and cultural experience.


China has recently revolutionized several shopping malls into experiential art spaces (“art malls”). For example, a soon-to-open SKP South Hall (SKP-S) mall will include a four-flour section that shows off fresh installations from contemporary artists, according to an article by Business of Fashion. 

Now there are always going to be pro’s and cons to shopping from cheap Chinese online stores. Pro’s being that sometimes we want something but we can’t afford it at real prices and this can always be the quick fast fashion solution. Sure, there a lot of con’s to this like I’ve mentioned. You’ll find hundreds of blogs online dissing on Chinese online stores and ranting on Shein’s poor quality.

To be fair I’ve discovered a lot of great worth it deals on the website, clothes I certainly won’t throw away. I’m not here to rant, I’m here to let you guys decide for yourself. China is big competition in the Fashion market because it’s producing in bulk and marketing incredibly well, it’s hard to beat and hard to resist. Designer brands are definitely not happy about it but what can you do, it’s just business. 

My advice is Shop wherever you want. Sometimes we need a mix of authentic Quality as well Fast Fashion in our Wardrobe. It builds character and allows us to experiment more often. It most definitely helps us figure out what styles best fit us and what doesn’t. So knock yourself out!