Pop culture is such a major part of today’s Society and especially in the fashion Industry. In Today’s world of entertainment and media, there are so many films, shows, music, art and creativity out there to take inspiration and ideas from. Pop stars and Actors are a prominent source of advertising this Pop Culture and showcasing so many looks, Aesthetics and ‘what’s trending’. It’s pretty hard not to get swayed from time to time by the bulk of information and visuals thrown at us. And that’s great because it inspires trends, innovation and motivates people to create something even better. This constant growth fuels our fire to be unique and to experiment.

Influences of comic books 

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The Joker and Harley Quinn

DC comics have brought a fresh look to their characters every single time without disappointment. The Suicide Squad version of Harley Quin and The Joker represented a specific trend of that time- spacebuns, bright colors, graphic tees and lots of gold chains and edgy outfits. Joker played by Jared Leto perfectly depicts a modern day Bad boy thug while his ‘little girl’ Harley pulls off a cute alternative sexy punk chick look, which at the time was very prevalent in the overall film and music industry

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The New Harley in Birds of Prey has a completely different look. More color and a little less revealing. Today’s female trends are a lot more unisex and bold. So Harleys new look definitely appeals to the younger masses as well as promotes a more feminist take on Harley Quin’s character.

“I really, really, really might have had the most fun I’ve ever had in costume design making this movie,”

Erin Banach, who created the wild wardrobe for Birds of Prey

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Hot pink crop top and suspendered, high-waisted denim shorts she wears as a base layer throughout the film’s main timeline- a very new age street style look!. The movie takes place with such a fast pace and in a short amount of time and the fashion just works with the impact the movie sets 

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Joker however, rocks the old fashion Pant suit and Blazer. Joaquin Phoenix presents a style that’s more similar to the Original Joker from the DC Comics. He’s bringing back the retro image which sparks several fashionable comebacks from the 70’s and 80’s.

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Call it character-building: The star’s metamorphosis into the iconic villain included a broccoli-colored clown wig and an ’80s color palette”- The Hollywood Reporter 

Since the time period was the early ’80s, the color palette is blue, maroon, brown, mauve and gray, followed by an intensity of color as he transforms into the Joker. The trousers and shirts were all custom (and distressed), with a few vintage sweater finds. 

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Black panther 

Black Panther is one of the most highly anticipated films of 2018—not just for its adaptation of the popular comic, but also for its fashion. Since the first teaser trailer was released last June, people have been raving about, and drawing inspiration from, the costumes in the movie’s world of Wakanda.


Black Panther’s tech-forward, eco-conscious, never-before-colonized country celebrates complete Afro- Futurism at its best . Ruth Carter’s vision for Wakandan dress draws from traditional and contemporary African fashion. Sartorial cues help viewers understand the social geography of a fictional place—its political ideologies.

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So many people drew looks and fashion statements from Black Panther embracing modern African styles and clothing. I personally thought the Costumes were such a large part of the movie, without it Black Panther would just be incomplete. It educates and exposes us to a different way of life and tradition. 

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The spoilt Brat 

The ‘Spoilt Brat’ look was a huge part of growing up in the early 2000’s, watching cult classics like ‘Clueless’ and ‘Mean Girls’. All these movies glorify the Popular girl stereotype, convincing millions of teenage Girls that it’s okay to Act out and it’s okay to act girly and Entitled. The message it sends is not always the best, however some of the looks are very pretty and delicate. It’s refreshing because the recent trends are a lot more bold and striking. Pastels and soft prints were the ideal image of A good girl gone bad. 

The ‘Bratz look’ is definitely coming back around, especially in 2020’s Makeup looks and hair extensions. Bratz has always been my thing growing up. They were always fashionable and bright as compared to the vanilla Barbie. Bratz are like The bad girl Barbie and women today love that Bad bitch energy. Most girls do their makeup exactly like a Bratz Doll, am I wrong or am I right?.

Bratz making hits! 

Tyler the Creator 

Tyler the creator is the Fashion rebel that the world needs right now and the youth has recognized this!. Kudos to him for being completely original. “I actually never wear navy—it’s my third least favorite color,” he says (black ranks on the absolute bottom of this list).

He designed the baby blue Chucks on his feet. The jewelry he has on is minimal but full of personality: a gold ring studded with a heart-shaped emerald and a beaded plastic bracelet thrown onstage by one of his fans that reads one of one. His nails are lacquered in glittery pink and green, a polish he formulated himself. Tyler’s style has been pretty constant through the rise. He’s never been one to shy away from colour, and when it comes to pattern he’s as bold as they come.

Alongside his music career Tyler has carved out an imperious side hustle with his fashion brand Golf le Fleur, which has helped to further define his look. Recent collaborations with fashion heavyweights Vans and Lacoste have sold out immediately, showing the avalanche of public demand not just for Tyler’s music, but his style too.

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Fashion food Brands

Since when did food Brands start inspiring Fashion?. Ever since Vintage Graphic tees became a thing. Brands like Coca Cola and Reese Puff have always been associated with The Fashion and Hip hop culture. Marketing their brands through Fashion is a brilliant marketing strategy that they have used and abused to get where they are today. 

CocaCola has that vintage Aesthetic and Bright contrast colors (the reds and whites) that compliments your outfit and makes you stand out without looking like your flaunting designer labels.

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Rapper Travis Scott’s new Reese puffs cereal was sold out in 30 seconds. The rapper rolled out limited edition boxes of Reese’s Puffs Cereal, which features artwork from his ‘Cactus Jack’ album on the cover. Fans of rapper Travis Scott had the chance to buy his limited edition box of Reese’s Puffs Cereal.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, kids.

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