how to cater to everyone’s style online!

your online Audience is extremely important whether you are a blogger or e commerce website, it is time to reach a diverse crowd.

Catering to all genders 

Gender inclusivity is a major, major issue! My boyfriend can attest to that!. He says it’s hard being a man in the world of fashion because online stores lack variety and uniqueness. It gets expensive to buy from high-end stores. Stores like Forever21 and H&M have a minimal range of men’s clothing. It’s time and age to make online fashion- gender friendly for men, transsexuals, gay men and women and so on. 

Diversify your online audience
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All ages 

Styling has become very limited for seniors and older women as well.  Age ain’t anything but a number, fashion passes and style is forever, and we want our grandparents to feel beautiful and edgy every day. It will sell if you want it to, inspire and create a space where older women and men feel comfortable to explore.

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Racial and traditional inclusivity 

It’s the 21’s Century; it’s high time we get on board with different cultures, traditions and worldly fashion. Exposure is ‘Golden’, and we want our audiences to feel enriched and culturally aware. We should have a bar that shows how each clothing looks on our skin tone and textures and have it modelled by a model on the website.

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All types and categories 

Catering to Karen’s, Emily’s, Shontell’s, Naomi’s and every other category of customers will bring a massive fashion pull. People want more, And you want Jax who listens to death metal to come to your store, but you also want Karen the soccer mom there as well.  Your variety of audience will say a lot about how much effort you put into your people.

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Size ranges 

Only recently I’ve seen stores doing the whole plus-size movement. However, there’s a significant flaw. Clothes are either modelled by super skinny women or plus-sized models. We want regular size average relatable women and men to model for us so we know how the clothes can fit and look on us.  A fit finder instead of a size chart works much better.


Minimalistic and non-minimalistic 

Everyone has a very different outlook on fashion and has very different personal styles. The idea isn’t to cater to a specific type of audience. The idea is to be a relatable and exciting shopping experience for everyone. Some people prefer a minimal look to a more bold and edgy look, and we want to show that we have both kinds. The classy suits to the mini latex skirts, the goal is to make our shoppers feel a sense of comfort and reliability.

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You can’t make everyone happy

You can’t, and that’s the truth. I want to start my brand soon, and I want everyone to work with me on this. I’m very keen to know what people want and how to make everyone’s styling experience more exciting and more comfortable.  I know what I want, and my end goal here, which is why customers are just as important in this journey with me. The idea is to do what is uniquely mine and uniquely yours and have everyone embrace a particular type of uniqueness of style.