Looking good isn’t just about wearing what you think works in today’s current fashion, but wearing exactly what you think works for you and your body type. In the 90’s it was having size 0 body flaunting your abs in midriff tops. Today’s fashion and style glorify curvier and fuller body types. Some of you may feel like you fit into neither. That’s okay, because current fashion trends are constantly changing and evolving. The idea is wearing what you love no matter what the ideal look may be. Just remember to wear it with confidence!  Because that outrules everything .


Rocking your personal style is easy

Tricking people into thinking you are ’fashionable’ and completely updated with current trends is very easy. ’confidence’ can shove a watermelon down your throat to shut you up. Wear what you think looks good on you, trust your instincts and carry it off with confidence. No fashion trend can beat that. And let me tell you, no body type is right or wrong for any clothing, Don’t let fashion magazines tell you that. Any size looks great in any clothing as long as it fits. 

I resent the idea that one should wear black to slim down or halter tops because they have broad shoulders. If you’ve gained a couple pounds and aren’t happy about it, there are ways to work on it, just don’t go through life dressing like you’re on your way to the funeral at all times, how sad is that. 

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Very few people have I known in this life who emulate all the different things I cover in my blog – that’s don’t be afraid of color, don’t conform to fashion trends, be experimental and don’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks. Auntora Mitra however, happens to be the very few badass women I know who can pull off just about anything…and how does she do this?, well let’s find out.

A little bit of everything 

Whether it’s Ethnic outfits or a bold party girl look, Auntora rocks it all. Like I said it’s not about finding a look that best fits you but fitting into every look in your own unique way. ’A little bit of everything’ is Auntora’s thing- from Indian jewellery to fishnet stockings and even pairing the two because why the hell not!. If you’ve been reading my blog enough, I can not stress more on the idea that being experimental is the best way to figure out what best fits you. Auntora clearly knows what looks good on her and is not afraid to flaunt it.

Anyone can look like an Instagram influencer and these days everyone does, it takes balls to be authentically you and Auntora displays this attitude like no other.

Sugar, spice and everything nice

Florals, jean jackets, keds are a staple and may seem ordinary to some people but it’s not about what you wear but how you wear it. Yes I’m a fashion blog and you’d expect me to tell you what to where and what to wear when but it’s exhausting and pointless. Nobody follows the same advice, then life would be so dull.

Auntora Mitra is not Dull, she’s a star!..a little bit of sugar and a little bit of spice – a perfect balance of both Bold and elegant. I’m here to show examples of inspiring Women like her to teach you about fashion and everything in its backend.

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fashion or style doesn’t have to be about superficial things like clothes, shoes and accessories, sometimes it’s about the person making a statement or making it their own look. The fascinating and fun thing about styling is that most of the time we do it for ourselves , to feel good and appreciate ourselves. Auntora is a fun and confident woman who loves styling herself and it shows because every outfit is on fleek!

One days she’s boho Chic- Beautiful  -ethnic long skirts and flowy tops and the next day she’s the bold femme Fatale. Unpredictable , diverse and totally worth a big shoutout.

How to look fierce 101

Some women like dressing pretty while someone like dressing fierce. Style looks best on someone when they truly express themselves through it and I’ve highlighted this over and over again in my blogs. Flaunt a look and that best represents you, Auntora does it right!. Her fierce personality…well you can tell and she’ll make sure you can. 

‘Not afraid you show a little skin and neither afraid to look totally traditional. Strong bold jewelry with a striking lip color and an outfit that could make a man’s balls drop. A bold gal, you’d say on some days but on other days she might surprise you in a sundress or casuals with a beanie.

Those sunglasses look dope! , and I’m a sucker for bold earrings and tinted sunglasses. They could have never looked better. 

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So to all the women out there who question ‘ does this make me look fat?’, ‘ am I too skinny to pull off booty shorts?… get over it. What’s ugly and what’s aesthetic is all about perspective and so is fashion. There is not a goddamn thing that can look bad on you when as confident as Auntora is. You just have to learn to work with it so stop halting fashion for size, make fashion fit you instead.