Raw and fierce. Realists are either Fabulous, bold and fearless or they are grounded, earthy and smart. Either way these are the people who will tell it to your face.

How can we allow our style to reflect that type of Realism and Boldness? It’s not complicated when you have the confidence and goals in mind.

Raw beauty

Geometric patterns, sharp lines and neutral one tone shades are earthy and do justice to almost anyone. This is the kind of fashion perfect for you when you like going Minimalist but super stylish. It is effortless, yet presentable. Raw beauty is the type that can wear barely nothing under a gorgeous fur coat or wear a full fledged formal. This best represents the truest form of humanity that is -’ the Beauty and the beast’. Beauty being our human need for creativity and self expression – all things Glamorous. ’Beast’  is our most raw earthy nature with the bare minimum. 


Why am I analysing human nature for fashion posts? Because it will help you determine your style through these two categories. It’s important to mix and match the two.. Always! That’s what makes us wholesome and stylish. A little blend and alter doesn’t hurt. Both are beautiful and raw ways of self expression through clothes.


This is a classic piece every man and woman should own. It’s simple, classic, elegant and timeless. It’s both high fashion and strong. A realist knows these are essentials and the sound one makes in these gorgeous boots are quite empowering.

Boss Woman 

Blazers with pants are back in style and also timeless. It exudes raw energy and the strong geometric shape of the blazer is what gives you that appearance. It’s okay to look harsh or even masculine sometimes. 


Leather sure makes you look ’cool’ but it also speaks ’Rebel without a Cause’ or with cause maybe? Also a timeless piece that makes you real and full of personality depending on how you wear it. It’s a unisex outfit that is both masculine and feminine at the same time which is same nature of the rawest human. 

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You can’t get wilder than a large feathered coat. It’s bold, quirky and very noticeable. When you say something, people will listen. People will nod to your dreamy and youthful appeal. 


Glamour is that stage where your ’Rawness’ becomes one with you. Who you are naturally comes out consciously through your fashion. Bold, wild and fabulous and you just can’t help it- it will be exuded through the clothes you wear. This is when you’ve really elevated yourself to the highest possible level of Style and Fashion.

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