We hear Women continuously complain about ’Men telling them what to wear’ and honestly I’m tired of it. So let’s shine some light on the other side of the story. 

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Over the past decade, I’ve read hundreds of blog posts, Instagram rants and newsletters talking about how unfairly women have been subjected to specific clothing, a standard set by ’so-called Men’. Who are these Men? And why have you given them this much importance?. I’m here to talk about the real issue that exists prominently in the fashion industry – that is the Men’s issue and yes I’m taking sides. 

When stores like H&M and Macy’s that supposedly cater to both men and Women cramp Men’s clothing with kiddy clothing in one tiny section, yes guys that’s a problem.  

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Blogs like Huffington post have also made statements calling out men on sexual harassment, but what’s really on the flipside?

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I think it’s time for Men to speak up about this because you’re not just at the store just to walk around holding your wife’s purse and shopping bags. Grow a pair, and start voicing your feelings to the fashion industry. What is it like to have nearly no choice when it comes to your style and clothing because your place in the department store has already been pre-decided as ’that corner over there by the kid’s section’. Tell me you are not okay with that because that would just be tragic.  

Let’s be real. Women tell Men what to wear all the time! In Fashion magazines, blogs and women Magazines. They always have that one shirtless guy in boxer briefs on the cover or that suited up guy in dress shoes. So does that mean regular clothes like Cargo shorts and cotton shorts are something to be looked down upon? Probably.  That must make you feel bad about yourself because if you had put up something equivalent to that on the cover of a men’s magazine, there would be an uproar of feminists coming to attack you

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Even in men’s magazine’s, Women are writing this content!. That is not the idea we want to promote through fashion. The whole concept of fashion is to ’be the best version of you’, and wear a style that best fits you. That doesn’t mean looking like someone else, and that doesn’t mean what a woman’s definition of what stylish is either. As the saying goes ’ my body, my choice’. 

Stop listening to your mom, your girlfriend and your wife about ’what to wear’ ( not a general statement). A backbone means deciding your look, your presence and being confident that you can pull off anything. It goes without saying that half the battle is won through personality, but owning your look will put you on a level above others. But that’s something you decide for yourself.

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If your style is minimalistic and straightforward – black tees and jeans, do not let your girlfriend tell your style is too bland or boring. It’s okay not to stand out, and it’s okay not to look a character out of Great Gatsby.  

Women spend about four times more on clothing than men do every year. Men look for Quality over quantity, and if there are quality and style they will buy it because a lot of guys are open-minded enough to do so – Roshnime

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Where is the marketing and advertising for Men’s fashion? I’m enraged because I do not see enough. All I’m seeing is the same cotton shirts in five different colors and a few styles of jackets, shirts and pants here and there. It’s incredibly hard for me to pick out an item that is striking or tells some kind of story. If you want options, you have to pay for it. A lot of high-end stores like Zara will give you more opportunity in Men’s fashion, but is the price always worth it?. Both men and women need both Gucci as well as old navy in their wardrobe, that’s just how you build your look and character. 

You can say there isn’t a market for Men because men don’t care much about grooming as much as women, but that’s completely false, it’s the 21’s Century, and plenty of Men are looking for options, including gay men, transgender men, heterosexual men, cross-dressing men and so on… If we are open-minded enough to accept the idea of Men embracing their femininity, why is it that they are still scrambling through the Women’s section and mixing and matching. Do you see the hypocrisy I’m talking about?.

It is high time we start bringing extensive change to men’s fashion, we can start small, but we have to start.