What women want? It doesn’t matter.

What women want? It doesn’t matter.

What women want? Are you wondering how to dress? How to look? Or who’s a style you wish to imitate so you can impress the girl you like?

To tell you the truth, most women don’t even know what they want. They probably have a whole ’the ideal man’ checklist; chances are you are not going to tick off every box from that list. Aren’t you continuously exhausted working to impress some Woman?

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It doesn’t matter what women like, what matters is what you like. Confidence is sexy, and a confident man knows what he likes and what he wants. It’s time to focus on you and figure out your style and experiment with your look. 

Are you that nerdy guy in high school, all the girls, sneered at and made fun of? You can change that.  Not everyone is popular, and not everyone is smart but your personality can be a hundred out of hundred – how you embody that personality through your look is highly important. It doesn’t matter what women want. Be you and style yourself in clothes you think look great on you, dress well, dress fashionable and most importantly wear what feels like you and learn to shut out all the unnecessary voices in the background. 

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Are you into R&B, soul or old school hip hop? do you feel like that represents your vibe? then try looking into the different colors, styles and looks you can try out. A great example of that is ‘Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. Women evidently fall head over heels for men who have a natural air of confidence and nonchalant nature. You can be that guy.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a feminine or masculine kind of guy because fashion is for everyone. Stores like Zara, Gap, Mango and even SHEIN cater to unique men’s wear (designs, styles, fitting) that make you feel confident in your outfit and in yourself. Fashion is a way to embrace and express yourself, your personality and aesthetic. It is an extremely powerful statement, you can use to your advantage once you figure out your look.

Now if you’re looking to impress a girl, first things first – learn how to talk to people (not just women), polish your persona, develop interests and hobbies and maybe educate yourself on female interests. As a man, why is  knowing female interests important? it teaches you about women and what they like and more importantly it helps you get in touch with your feminine side.

It’s important to know that every man has a feminine side. Once you learn to develop the other side you’ll be more in tune with what is Aesthetic, what is artistic, how to dress and how to groom yourself better. And once you develop further interests and hobbies you’ll have more to talk about and it adds to your whole look. It’s important to be a whole person before you dress to impress everyone around you. Ask yourself, is this really you? Does your fashion represent you?

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A lot of my male friends prefer minimalism when it comes to fashion and that’s perfectly fine , because that may be how you define yourself. Don’t let a woman tell you your clothes are ‘ too boring’ or ‘ nonexperimental’. In a time where everyone is desperately trying to stand out, minimalism is a gem, because at least you aren’t hiding behind all the clothes.

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And If minimalism is what you are looking into then quality over Quantity it is. stores like Gap, Old navy, Aeropostale and even H&M (at times) are ideal stores to find your look. Good luck with your journey, and trust me while you’re on your way you’ll ask yourself why you were interested in her anyway.