If your closet is a mess and you can never find anything, then you should read this post. Right here is a picture of my boyfriend’s closet. The first time he showed it to me I was thoroughly impressed. I’d never seen such a clean, organized and efficient wardrobe. Trust me your wardrobe says a lot about who you are as a person.

You can make a huge positive change in your daily routine just by making sure your wardrobe is organized. Let’s discuss how.

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Have consistency 

Try organizing your clothes in a certain order, maybe from jackets to pants. Have your coats first, then jackets, shirts and lastly tees and bottoms. Get a shoe rack to go under and Organize your shoes from most worn to least work. Perhaps you can keep your expensive shoes in boxes.

Have a color scheme 

Organize your clothes by color. Keep in mind the color scheme you are going for so you remember where to find what when you need it. It’s kind of a good thing men have only limited variations in clothing which makes it easier to organize only by color and not necessarily by style.  Try organizing it from dark to light or blacks together and whites together so you aren’t shuffling through your whole closet to find the right black t shirt.

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Keep boxes 

It’s always good to keep boxes on the top shelf or at the back of your closet only for miscellaneous items and maybe winter hats and scarfs. Some items can be a bitch to hang so make sure to keep boxes ready and don’t forget to keep them clean and organized 

Different kinds of Hangers

Do your clothes keep falling off your hangers?, that’s because you’re not putting them on the correct ones. Buy wooden hangers for jackets, coats and jeans because they’re heavier items and plastic ones for your shirts and shorts so they hold better. Stores like Target and bed bath and beyond offer deals like $15 for 20 -30 hangers

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Invisible real estate 

Use invisible real estate to hang your belts, hats, bags etc. What is invisible real estate?, it’s the space on your closet doors and inside your closet . The tiny corners can be used to keep your shoe cleaner, wax and maybe a trash can or a laundry basket. Use your space efficiently, and you’ll see a huge difference in your day to day life. You’ll save time and find more important things to be stressed about than looking for your socks under a pile of dirty clothes.