In winter most of us wear about ten layers of clothing and bulk up especially if you’re from New York like me. It can be hard to be fashionable when it’s too cold – it’s the comfort factor as well as the inability to flaunt your outfit under all those jackets ( has been a personal struggle of mine) however the easiest way to work around this is making your winter jackets and outer layers look as fashionable as you’d like. Here’s how!

FAUX Fur or REAL fur whatever y’all can afford

No joke a big Fur coat automatically makes me feel Fabulous in a cruella De Vil sort of way (in the best way of course) it’s Bold , cozy and fabulous enough to look classy and make a statement at the same time.

Puffer Jackets are ideal

Now why are they ideal? They keep you warm and definitely help you soak up that moisture in the air. I find that it prevents my hair from getting all flat in winter winds. Also puffer jackets look Hella stylish – it has that edgy street look. Arianna Grande has lately been rocking the big oversized puffer jacket look and it works with just about anything inside wether it’s a dress or jeans. Don’t shy away from buying them in different colors!

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Mini’s and thigh highs

I love love love the combination of mini skirts and thigh high boots, it’s something you can pull off all year round. If you think it’s a little too cold then stockings will do the trick. Put on a cute sweater over your outfit and a nice thick jacket and you’ll still flaunt those gorgeous legs .

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Sweater dresses and Beanies

I definitely have a thing for Sweater dresses , they look so pretty especially paired with a beanie and maybe a scarf. They keep you warm and comfortable during harsh winters yet give that stylish short dress look – wearable on any occasion. It’s simple, stylish and wow it looks good!

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Long Blazer Jackets- unisex

Long blazer jackets have that professional look while looking undeniably fashionable both on Men and Women. I personally like them in neutral colors like Browns and blacks and pair it with a print or color inside but it’s up to you what you like. It’s definitely a timeless and classy look.

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Go Vogue or Go Home!

You feel cold but think you look like a Marshmallow ?well then just make use of that and go Vogue, go all out with it.  Sweater dress with Wool cardigan, long wool socks and ankle length boots. Just make sure to wear statement accessories whether it’s a purse or gorgeous earrings.. this outfit will definitely keep you warm and give that High fashion look. 

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Keeping it casual but stylish

Jackets with basics are essentials for men. But if you’re going to go casual then might as well buy authentic, Quality clothes. Zara sells a lot of basic winter jackets for men and some of them are very minimalistic and yet look very fashionable.

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Winter Street Style 

Long oversized Weave Jackets with formal pants and dress shoes and poof you look like a Hot K- Pop star!  It’s just so minimalist and that flowey unfitted feel gives this very laid back yet edgy look. It’s very high fashion if you can pull it off. Sometimes it’s good to try out new looks and this one of them.

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Skater Boi

I’ve seen a lot of Younger men in  this specific outfit and it just looks great!  Baggy pants oversized tee layered with a shirt and a jacket on top pair it with a beanie and you look like you don’t even try. Truth is layering your clothes automatically makes you look fashionable and winter is that excuse so make use of it . Layering a tshirt over a shirt plus a jacket means layering all three completely different things and it still works! This simple look is one to go for every now and then.