Whether you’re in your mid 20’s or mid 50’s it’s never too late to be well dressed.  You don’t have to be in a Suit and tie to be well dressed or even a shirt you can wear anything, follow your unique style and yet be extremely well dressed. The emphasis on ’How you wear it’ is what makes all the difference. 

Believe it or not I’ve seen a lot of men in casuals, sneakers and a beanie but if you consider them look pretty well dressed. Don’t confine yourself to a societal box that tells you how to dress well. It’s a trap many men will fall for, but hey it’s 2020 what have you got to lose?.

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 The so called ’Cholo’ look  in the Latin X community was wearing a white tank top with cotton pants maybe having bandanna around your head. Initially dressing well meant looking appropriate for the day so you could get tasks done in the heat of summers. It was meant for your work/ tasks or just getting through, this also equates to your own personal comfort. So don’t assume dressing well means compromising on your comfort. You can wear what you feel fits you and make it look very stylish 

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So the question is How?

Let’s say you decide to wear an expensive suit for an occasion, there is a pretty simple way to not be confused for a waiter. In today’s world wearing nice clothes isn’t enough because the Confidence and attitude you exude is half of the battle. Number one rule for a party is keeping it loose. Even a fitted outfit can change your look entirely with a few open buttons and Quirky shoes and accessories. It’s that touch of ’you’ that gives your look meaning. It could be Bright Red shoes or crystal rings. But it has to be you.

well dressed man

Of course your Confidence is that factor that will decide your place in a crowded room. Wearing your fitted clothes slightly loose definitely helps you look less stiff. When you feel uncomfortable in certain clothing remember it always shows even if you don’t realize it.

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Being Well dressed means not wearing the same clothes everyday, and being open to trying out different looks, colors and materials. It’s not easy to pull off everything which is why when you are able that automatically sets you apart from everyone else. Don’t be afraid to go wrong or look stupid because it’s all a part of the process of finding the right fit.

Well dressed doesn’t mean only wearing fitted clothes because Hun… That’s just playing it safe and doing that makes you look rather boring. Switch it up sometimes! Put on a baggy shirt with pinstripe pants or giant pink hoodie. Sure you might look like a candy floss or who knows you may even look amazing. There’s a difference between ’well dressed’ and just looking good…note that!

Different body types are highlighted by different clothing types. If you have a Square or rectangular body shape try Baggy outfits…you’ll be surprised! 

Dressing Well doesn’t mean one specific thing, it’s a very general thing. It doesn’t mean minimalist or over the top. It just means wearing what you’d usually want to wear, but wearing it well. Say you want to put on your winter clothes, try brightening it up with a yellow shirt with a green jacket over it and cotton pants. Winters are a little dull and colors say you’re ballsy enough to walk through a crowd of Greys and blacks.  And if you don’t want to do all of those crazy experimentation’s you’re going to have rely on your Confidence and expressive personality to do all talking through your minimalist fashion.

 Sure put on a suit but pair it with a quirky tie. Wear a plain black jacket but pair it with a funky leather jacket. It’s about exploring fashion in a unique way that makes you well dressed and not just simply look good.