How to be that man or woman at the club that’s a looker!

I’ve seen far too many women and men in clubs looking all the same, and it’s boring no matter how sexy and attractive you think you look. Putting on a revealing dress or a tight T-shirt doesn’t make you stand out, because that’s the look everyone else is going for… and you can smell the desperation. Highly unattractive.

WOMEN Don’t all wear black but MEN, please DO!

I’m tired of seeing women in ‘All black’, it’s so overdue. If you want to wear black, put on a striking pair of red shoes or layer it with something bright. 


All Black looks great on men. Instead of T-shirts, something formal like a shirt or sweater paired with black boots or formals does the trick. 

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Look classy, not trashy

Looking sexy and provocative is predictable, and sometimes plain trashy. Here are some ways you can look classy. You don’t need to wear skin tight clothing or show off too much skin to do that, only the right amount.  There are some ways you can pull it off and stand out in a crowd .

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The femme fatale 

Striding in with class and mystery. Long satin skirts, red dresses, loose curls and red lipstick. fur coats, hoop earrings and overall how you wear the badass Femme look. 

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Back in the 60’s , Disco was big!. Here are some trendy psychedelic, trans Disco looks you can try out. Don’t be afraid to wear funky colors and prints. Pair it up with some colored wedge heels and space buns.

Club outfits
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The 90’s edge

Strappy halters, skit velvet skirts, shirts paired with accessories and chokers,

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Make dress shoes look edgy and pair them up with a loose shirt and tight pants.

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Men with class

Men look great in shirts and suits. Pair it up with a necktie or no necktie just accessorize with rings, belts, necklaces or even an expensive watch. No one can miss a guy who is well dressed and sophisticated.

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Color stands out 

Color is striking. And there is something incredibly attractive who can pull off color amongst a herd of neutrals. If you decide to wear a lot of color on top, pair it with some black chunky boots or stilettos and it will balance out your whole look.

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Shirts like this can be paired with black formal pants and oxford leather shoes and men’s accessories.

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Slits look beautiful, especially if it’s a knee length bodycon  dress, because it shows just the right amount of skin we need to see.

A colorful, printed jacket with a neutral tshirt works great on leaner body types for men, but if you think you look great in it, then you probably do.

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Statement shoes 

If you are wearing basics, statement shoes are a must!. Wear your best heels. Lace up heels, high top sneakers, thigh high boots with pink  wedges… just go wild . And for men colored dress shoes ( in red, white or orange)  or some stylish printed a Loafers . 

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Pulling off prints 

I agree prints are not for everyone, but if you can pull them off you are in for a surprise. People will notice your presence, and admire your quirkiness to be unique . 

The mugshot dress, also very infamously worn by Saweetie. It’s quirky, bold and looks incredibly appealing depending on how you wear it. Try pairing it with a leather jacket and high top bun.

Buy this on Rxch for $390 (limited edition)

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Striped shirts or pin striped pants add character to your look. Pick either one , and wear the rest as basics. 

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The Carrie Bradshaw

Because Carrie Bradshaw knows how to dress classy + sexy. Check out some of her night looks from SATC.

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Satin is sophisticated 

You can never quite go wrong with a basic satin dress and stilettos. It’s basic, easy to wear and will still get you those head turns you’re looking for.

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Alt rock men

Avant Garde with a blend of alternative street fashion. Seems complicated, but it’s really easy to do. Leather jackets, blazers, cargo pants, army boots with a lot of chunky accessories ( metal chains, belts and bands)

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High top sneakers with cargo pants look super edgy and stylish for a club where every guy is in regular tshirts and will undoubtedly stand out as someone who knows ‘Fashion’.

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