2020’s fashion can seem modern or Trendy to some, but I’m here to show you how something can step a little to far and seem just plain Trashy. There’s a fine line between looking bold and super edgy and looking like trash. The important thing is you keep the ‘class’ in the sass and don’t forget to keep in mind what you’re going for. I’m sorry, but some of these looks are a complete ‘No’.

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Don’t get the wrong idea; I love Rihanna’s outfits, she’s a fashion icon. Well at least most of them. However, these pants look cheap and unflattering.  The top is just unnecessarily see-through; the loosely fitted mesh is just not working for her body type. More like a fail TLC look for a sleepover party.

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However, this outfit highlights her golden complexion and the colours are gorgeous, the outfit looks beautiful with her hair in an updo.

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bad material, bad color, bad accessories. Everything is just ugly about this dress. The neckline is awful and disproportionate. Overall it just looks cheap

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Cardi knows how to pull off an all latex look. Fitted bodycon dresses look really great on her.  It’s showing skin but in a’ super action hero goddess’ sort of way. That’s appealing.

2020’s trashy fashion

Priyanka Chopra looks like she’s dressed for Halloween, not sure if that’s the look she’s going for but she sure looks quite like a giant stiff ‘Fish’.

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Super sexy, casual and edgy. It’s the ‘ I just woke up like this and I don’t give an F look’. I love it, and I love that she looks more comfortable and relaxed, something she’s able to pull off super well.


Saweetie out here looking like ‘Green Goblin’. Her curves just look like kebabs, and even though I love her shades, it does not go with the green poofball.

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Saweetie dressed up super classy with a blend of edgy which is dope. Her pants are dope, loving the graphic art on it and the backless corset. It does justice to her figure. It is almost like the perfect outfit for her.

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This outfit is a disappointment. It’s not casual unless you’re going for the homeless look. Ari…

the only cute thing about it is the Hairdo. The hole in her pants looks like her dog chewed it up, and she threw it on in a crack home… 

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This is a casual cool outfit. All black paired with yell boots, which is a very ‘ go to ‘ contrast look. It’s safe, you can never go wrong with it but it’s a look ari pulls off super well. 

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Hideous is the word for it. Everything about it, hurts my eyes. tana looks like a giant lizard with tiny lizard feet. Nobody should even think about recreating this whole look. 

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This is much more easy on the eyes. Her outfit is simple yet edgy. It’s a cute neutral dress paired with a leather jacket, not too complicated. ‘ Just a night out to the movies’-  But simple is Gold sometimes. Tana pairs it up with some gold accessories and cat eyed framed shades. The color combinations for this look are very aesthetic and doable if you’re trying to go for this exact look. 

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2020’S EDGY

2020’S EDGY 2020’S EDGY